Frank Lickliter has exempt status in 2015 for the first time since 2010

I was Monday qualifier for over 10 years and had some success, but I never made it through second stage of Q-school, getting the opportunity to know what it was like to just play golf as well as I could. There is something about being a weekly Monday qualifier that corrupts your brain and normal thinking.

I always tee’d it up knowing I had to make the cut and finish at least top 25, or I had to qualify on Monday again…which is as much fun as a combination root canal/colonoscopy. Even less fun when you made it on Monday, made the cut, finished outside the top 25 and had to play early the next morning 500 to 1000 miles away.

When I was near that top 25 number, it changed the way I played. The couple of times I had a chance to win, I didn’t just play, I was trying to get status. It changed the way I played. In both of those instances, it was neither on purpose, nor was it efficient.

Plus, I was a hit and miss player. You give me 5 tournaments in a 15 week stretch, odds were against me having a big week.

You give me 30 weeks, 2-3 of those weeks I was making over 20 birdies for 72 holes…and the difficulty of the course didn’t matter much.

My tangential sob story aside, Frank has had the displeasure of being a Monday Qualifier with little to no status since 2010. It has changed the way he played. Like me, it wasn’t on purpose, nor was it efficient. In both of our cases, it was obvious to everyone but us.

The good news is he now has status in 2015.

The 108 hole Q-school just finished.

The winner got a full exemption on the tour next year. Finishers 2-10 and ties are exempt thru the 12th event. Finishers 11-45 and ties are exempt thru event 8. There is a reshuffle after each 4 events and players are ranked by money earned and get in on that basis.

Frank birdied the 108th and last hole to finish 43rd. He has 8 weeks to learn to play golf the right way again…and there is no question in my mind when the reshuffle happens after 8 events, he will be in the next 22.

His hard work and perseverance paid off…and I have exorcised one of my demons vicariously through him. Maybe in 2 years, I will get my act together and exorcise some on my own. 😀




  1. John

    Congratulations, Frank. I love survivors.

    Congratulations, Monte. Helping someone is almost as good as the thing itself.


  2. eric

    Awesome ! Good job sir to both of you!
    We have to give it away to keep it

  3. Jake Gilmer

    Great story. I always like Frank and I hope he does well. Congrats to both of you. I know you played a big factor in making that happen for him also

  4. Ryan G

    Congrats to both of you! Hope you guys can celebrate. Let us know when he’ll be in his first event.

  5. qtlaw88

    Congrats to Frank for persevering and to you for providing much needed instruction and more importantly support!!

  6. pcb_duffer

    I can’t wait to see “Monte Scheinblum – Golf’s Hot New Teacher!” on the cover of the national golf rags.

    Congratulations Frank!

  7. Michael C.

    Congrats to both of you!

  8. Parmark

    No maybe about it. In two years, YOU WILL be there. And we all will be rooting like hell!

  9. Mike Divot

    Only just read this. Early Christmas present for Frank. Great news.
    I expect to be hearing a lot more about Frank in 2015.



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