Everything turns in sync.




  1. Calvin D

    In Sync but perhaps unrelated; I have seen many top tour pros and teaching pros and even lesser lights like Mclellan and DelBarrio do astounding hand/eye things with club and ball. Bouncing it into a shirt pocket, bipping it between their legs, walking the fairway while tippy-tapping it on a wedge, etc. This is something I have never had the slightest interest in attempting but it seems that experts take great delight in it. Am I missing something here in mindset because while it fascinates me to watch it I have zero interest in learning it?

  2. bobs34

    Been there, done that, trying to follow all kinds of craziness in regards to a swing model, the kinetic chain, creating lag, etc… I practise a lot, I’d bet as much as anyone that doesn’t play golf for a living and followed a “system” for almost two years that incorporates the antithisis of what you’re saying about just rotating everything in synch. All it did was make me A LOT worse and frustrated me sooo much I came within an inch of quitting golf all together. If anyone cares to see more of that rant, you can go here;

    http://thebestgolfchannel.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/review-of-monte-scheinblums-instructional-video-day-1-a-proper-earlier-release-is-not-a-cast/ (mship’s blog)

    A couple of months ago, I found this blog and have taken 1 lesson. Last night in my 9 hole league match, I hit every fairway & every green reaching one of the par 5’s albeit short at 485 yards in two with driver and 4 iron. Had I putted decently, I would’ve easily shot under par. The point is, I’m just another schlub that can attest to these swing systems/models that everyone is supposed to fit into don’t work. Keeping it simple does…

  3. bobinpa

    An oldie but a goodie, monte.

  4. Steve Bishop

    The hip action is very simple and so very few people actually need to even worry about it. It’s one of those “over-emphasized” aspects of the golf swing guru’s take up to look smart. It facilitates weight shift and add’s torque to the turn.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Agree that is is over-emphasized, but mine are just a hair slow.

      • hackgolfer

        at least you don’t have wide hips??


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