Today will be my first round of golf since September.

It is by far the longest time away from the golf course since before I played. As you know I have been hitting balls for a few weeks and I have the first stage of US Open Qualifying in 12 days. That will be only my second competitive round since September of 2008.

This is not the same as Tiger Woods 5 month layoff where he hit balls and played the whole time he was away from the Tour (regardless of what the media said)…and let’s face it…I am not Tiger Woods. 😀

Here are my thoughts.

I am not worried in the slightest. My mental approach is so much better than it has ever been. If my approach would have been this good in the 90’s, I wouldn’t be qualifying for the US Open, I would be preparing for it.

I am still as skilled as I have ever been and combine that with my mental approach to both the execution of the swing and the playing of the game, I have two very important factors in my favor. The important factor I have going against me is rust. There is no substitute for playing golf on the course and sharpening your ability to score and shoot low.

That being the case, I would put my scoring range between 65-80 and there is no telling on a given day where in that range I will be. It could be 65 followed by 80 on consecutive days. I think in the coming months I can change that to between 62-75. Obviously extenuating factors like weather, extremely difficult course conditions, just a really bad day that’s an anomaly, etc. can change anyone’s given range. I need to get that range down to 62-72 in order to make it through Q-school.

That is what I will be working on the next 3 months until the Long Beach Open the last week of July (my first regular event). Lowering my scoring range…especially the high end. I wouldn’t actually play in a tournament this soon after picking things up again, but it’s The Open at Pebble.

As far as next Tuesday is concerned, if I can get a little bit of confidence in the next 12 days and weasel my way through that first stage, I will have another month to prepare for the second stage.

The Open at Pebble, that would be cool.




  1. mship99

    The open at Pebble…that would be VERY cool! Good luck! Loving watching the journey. Hey if you need a caddy….don’t know if my hip will be healed but if so I can handle the 3 K’s…Keep up….Keep ’em clean….and Keep quiet 🙂

  2. exgolfer

    Enjoy today and remind yourself, two under each and every round is good enough for almost any cut and tons of cash. Just two birdies on par fives and otherwise as many birdies as bogeys…

  3. jperk

    Remember some times bad swings turn out o.k. ( your hole in 1 at the par 3 next to pebble). Have fun!

  4. Eric D

    Good luck, Monte! We’re all pulling for you!

  5. Bob34

    Hopefully you had a better day than Tiger did?

  6. Kiwi

    Sounds like you’ve got the postive thoughts sorted out Monte. Good luck with the golf.
    Has the Long Beach Open got a website somewhere. I’m sure a guy I know won it a fw ew years ago.


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