Ease up on the anti flip crusade!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, aspiring for that golden impact position is fine and no one should be satisfied with the hands being behind the trial hip at impact…but let’s have some realistic expectations.

Getting shaft lean, hands at front thigh impact is an elite golfer/elite club head speed position. It’s a result of being a better golfer and not something you just do.

It’s a result of an elite golfers swing and/or high level speed.

A 15 handicap with 95 mph isn’t going to get one random tip and look like a tour player face on at impact after two buckets. Reverse pronating the occipital adductor when transferring from the transverse to the saggital plane isn’t going to do it. Ask Leo Gorcey.

I see too many swings being posted here complaining about a flip and they are damn good swings…then I have a visual of some training device or forced action turning them into Dr. shanksalot.

Improvement in the golf swing is small and incremental and comparing yourself to Scott or Louis O. Is just going to make you think you suck and need some drastic move to look like that.

It would be like me saying, “I lost 10 pounds and wore ankle weights for a week, why can’t I dunk like Lebron?”

Forget what tour players do. Just be better next year than you were this year.




  1. Paul Kraus


    You bring hope to the average but aspiring golfer.

    Mind I’d settle for 95mph, only managed 75 the other day.

  2. allen l

    Hoo -ray Hoo-ray !! Can’t tell how much you inspire the average 78 year old to keep going Monte. Unfortunately Australia is a bit far for a face to face lesson – but always look forward to your comments.

    • Parmark

      Allen –

      Excuse me for jumping in here, but if you check under the future clinic’s that are scheduled for balance of the year – you will see Monte does have a clinic scheduled for Australia taking place in December. Just in case you might be interested….

  3. Ira

    This is ground breaking. Particularly for the senior golfer. I’m less tired on the back nine. Hence that alone I can score better. There’s so much gold in this *set and cast* break through.

  4. Calvin

    Leo Gorcey is a dead end.


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