David Leadbetter had the shanks.

I am writing this for all of you viewing the blog after you get to work on Monday morning and I wanted to brighten up your day at the beginning of a long work week.

I have seen David Leadbetter on TV many times talking about…well, nonsense.

IMO, he ruined the tail end of Nick Faldo’s prime with that stupid yellow bean bag with his name on it, that you see at every driving range. If you swing into it too many times, it throws off the rhythm of your golf swing. Ask Nick what he thinks of the yellow bean bag if you ever see him.

IMO, it is no coincidence that after Ernie Els starting working with him, he has not been seen on the top of the leader board in any majors.

It is also my opinion that it is no coincidence that after Michelle Wie started working with him, she went from almost winning majors on the LPGA Tour, to not being able to break 80 for a while.

Several years ago, I used to live at PGA West where they have played the Skins game, The Bob Hope and Q-school.

I was playing the Palmer course one day and there was a film crew and several carts in the middle of the fourth fairway. I decided to go watch and found DL shooting an instructional video. I decided to listen along with 10 or 12 of my fellow members.

I won’t going into the specific technical nonsense he was spouting because I don’t want to expose you to what can only be considered the golf version of pornography. Needless to say, I disagreed with it, but I want to tell you what happened.

He spouted his nonsense, tried to implement it by hitting a shot to the green…dead 90 degree shank.

Take 2…same nonsense verbally, tried to swing that way…El Hozel about 4 feet from the first one.

Take 3…same nonsense into the camera…I would like to tell you he holed out door #3, but alas, it was another right turn special.

He slammed his club on the cart and it broke.

I would like to tell you what happened next, but I couldn’t contain my laughter and had to drive away.

Moral to the story. Why is much of the world trying to improve their golf game by listening to a guy who gives out info so bad, it gives himself the shanks?

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  1. Tony Kim

    Wow, consistent! It ain’t easy to shank 3 shots in a row.

  2. Tony Kim

    BTW, I love the new layout.

    Also, more related to this latest blog entry…..I think you hit the nail on the head way back when you told us about the pressures of publications like Golf Digest as well as their instructors to come up with new and fresh instructional articles….a lot of which leads to publishing junk.

  3. bob

    Wow, all the cute name calling. How much time did you spend thinking up those cute names. How old are you anyway?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am 12 and I am going to tell my daddy you made fun of me.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I guess everyone didn’t think all of the nicknames he has been given by people in golf, including some Tour pros, are as funny as I thought they were, so I edited them out.

      • Tony Kim

        To the Tour pros who had a problem with some of Bedwetter’s nicknames, you are either too sensitive or are using Bedwetter as your instructor. Either way, I feel for you.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          My sentence structure was bad. I meant that Tour players invented and used those nicknames.

      • bob

        Thanks for the edit. Your original post made you sound like one of those 9 year old girls that makes fun of everyone’s names at school.


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