A draw does not go farther than a fade.

A 30 yard hook goes farther than a 30 yard slice, but a soft draw does not go farther than a soft fade. A soft fade might go higher and roll less, but a soft fade and a soft draw of the same trajectory go about the same distance.

Tongue twisters aside, my point in all of this is way too many people think they need to hit draws and that is a more difficult shot to hit, requiring more practice. If it’s your natural shot, great, but don’t turn a natural fade into a draw for more distance, you won’t get it and you will shoot higher.

PS-I understand those of you who hit a slice want to get rid of it, but you should have learned how to do that 3 days ago :-).




  1. Keith

    I got down to a 1 playing a small hot fade and putting like crap. Aim at the left rough, fade it back all day long. Then I started playing with a guy that simply hits it harder than I do, but with big sling hook. Somehow I became convinced that a hook would help me hit it farther & play better. What a mistake … all it did was make me inconsistent. I undid 5 years of steady improvement in a month. I had no idea where to aim, and no idea where it was going. I took to trying to hook it with overactive hands, so for every good high draw I hit, I’d get 2 dead blocks & 2 snappers. It was the low point of my golfing life.

    I’m back to my “old” swing now, and the golf is getting much better again. I feel like I can hit it on the golf course once more – more fairways, more greens, and consistently more distance. I feel like I can hit it hard again & not have to “wait on it”. I have come to recognize the consistent part is really what matters. I do not need to hit past my buddies, since their wedge games suck. 🙂

  2. chatug

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂


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