Come on Bubba?

The title speaks for itself.

I just did two clinics in New Jersey. Everyone enjoyed my ideas on how to improve their swings and putting strokes,

However, they all went bonkers over learning the short game technique first hand. The consensus is basically the exact opposite of everything being taught in the mainstream….yet it’s easy and nearly idiot proof.

In the 10 weeks after Jason Gore had two days of it, he had a 4th on the PGA Tour and a 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the tour,

How ironic, a long drive champion turned short game guru.

If I only knew this stuff when I was a player…




  1. Ryan

    It’s true, his short game stuff is pretty special. It looks to be born out of common sense, keen observation, and care – all rarities in this day.

  2. Don Lissen

    “The consensus is basically the exact opposite of everything being taught in the mainstream.”

    Congratulations. This means that you’re onto something.

    So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the same were true of the long game. But, if you’ve got a better way, you’d have to be very careful about whom you told.

    The industry is much healthier with weight distribution, planes, angles, beta-torque, hold the lag, and swing crack. You know, paralysis by analysis.

  3. Paul

    I see this every day on the practice putting green. Everyone, I mean everyone is hinging and holding, balls pinging everywhere, long/short, trenches pockmarking the chipping area. Use the leading edge is a cliche gone wild. Ultimately, I think people are afraid of using the bounce because they think they’re going to blade it. They feel more in control stabbing at it, I guess.

    I’ve been practicing using the bounce since May and it just keeps getting better and better. So many options, trajectories. Lately, I’ve been practicing using the Stricker bounce method with an L wedge from 60 yards off fairway lies. Nice to have this shot.

  4. Todd Heugly

    I begin my lesson series from the green back. I try to teach feel and touch in their chipping, pitching, and putting. Most recreational players don’t understand the relationship between the short game and how it translates into the full swing.

  5. jaybee

    The pros in my club pulled a face when I described the bounce technique to them- they argued that people mostly suffer from trying to scoop on these shots and will likely scoop even more using the bt.
    I like it and use it with good results, but a disadvantage of it is that one still needs a high trajectory low spin shot using the old technique in ones arsenal.
    And when one is unsure about using which of the both techniques on a particular shot, the result is usually horrible.

    • jaybee

      I meant: high trajectory high spin or lob

      • Monte Scheinblum

        That is not different. Open face, more right arm speed.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That’s because they don’t understand how to do it or teach it the right way.

      You can’t scoop if the right arm keeps moving.

      I have had a discussion with every good player, including Jason about this and the amount of times that shot is needed is low enough to not make it worth stressing. Kind of like a guy who plays a cut and is worried one hole on his course requires a draw and jacks up his swing.


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