Clarification on Johnny Miller post

I’ll make the points separately.

1. Many amateurs initiate the downswing or come into impact by standing up.

2. Johnny Miller said that keeping or even adding flex to the knees through impact can help you hit irons crisply and it may cause the head to lower slightly.

3. I happen to agree with this idea and used Byron Nelson as an example.

4. This idea of Miller’s is not to be confused with what Tiger does. Which is get too much extension on the takeaway, then on the down swing arch his neck and bend more at the waist to make his head lower…and I said he gets away with this on irons, but not so much with driver.

5. I do believe ams who satnd up and either hip thrust, or thin irons can benefit from this idea of knee flex.




  1. Bob34

    Thanks Monte! I very much apprecitate the effort to clarify this. #4 put everything into perspective for me.
    Thanks again!

  2. meateater

    I ‘m going to have to take issue with point 4. I don’t believe Tiger is “bowing” at the ball. He had an exaggerated squat move on his downswing when he was with Haney. It was visually unnerving and seemed to lead to blocks with the driver. When he played his best golf, circa 2000, he posted on his left leg and snapped it straight through impact, which aggressively rotated his hips and cleared his lower body. With the knee issues, apparently he couldn’t do that anymore, and the result was his lower body stalled and he would get “stuck”, whatever that means.

    Tiger’s latest swing seems to have eliminated much of the squatting, but it is a shadow of his former move. His hips and upper body are much less turned at impact, giving him a somewhat ironic 1970’s swing look. His loss of distance is directly related to his failure or inability to rotate through impact.

  3. meateater

    Let me add a couple of points. The squat move has a rich heritage. One need only view youtubes of possibly the game’s purest swing, that of Slammin’ Sammy Snead. His swing is the prototype for the so-called modern golf swing, with a ton of body rotation through impact led by a huge hip rotation. That rotation was triggered by the knees flexing as the downswing inititated, much as a discus thrower flexes his knees to impart rotational acceleration to his body.

    I believe Tiger may have fallen into his excessive squat move in an attempt to either generate more power or to compensate for his knee trouble. Under Sean Foley, he seems to have accepted the humiliation of no longer being a big hitter on Tour and is now focused on hitting fairways and greens, much as he did at Augusta.



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