Wind down from left.

I necked 5 in a row in the grid between 365 and 370. 6th ball killed at 395 a few yards out. Started it too far left

Miller last balled me at 377.





  1. John Brown

    You took a good run at it. Looks like there were some pretty big hitters out there as “seniors”. Great job Monte. We love ya.

  2. Bob B

    Today ends at midnight…you are still the man!

  3. Neil

    Damn sorry bro.

  4. Chuck Schreiner

    The thing I notice about this is you let a huge audience share in your pursuit. That was very fun to watch. Incredible to witness.

    I don’t know how you feel about the outcome – disappointed maybe, pleased with your approach maybe – but me, what I feel about this (and I woke up past midnight here in India to go to bathroom and switched on laptop to see how you were doing) is really proud to be your student. Your ideas about golf are dead solid – no, better than dead solid – and your approach to teaching is state of the art.


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