Are you steep…




  1. Dave Dunlop

    love the fred flintstone headcover!

  2. birly-shirly

    Is this a good “pre-emptive strike” for someone who’s been flat and under in the past, and is now working on keeping the arms and club more in front of them on the backswing?

  3. jason delange

    what about sergio garcia, he says he pulls the handle from the top and he shallows the club on the downswing more so than anyone else on tour does.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      This is what’s wrong with golf instruction. The old media latched on to a “feel” that one player has who gets in a strange position and they run with it and tell everyone to do this.

      As a side note,he is trying to get away from this.

      We shouldn’t be copying the severe positions one great player gets in. We should be finding what they all do and strive for that.

  4. IPM

    Thanks Monte. I have been struggling lately with being steep (I’m leaving divots with my woods like you know who). This remedied the problem immediately.

  5. Bill bryant

    Goat assaulter, animal interferer

    Great video Simple right to the point.

  6. Ziggy11

    I have been struggling with this sequence and viewing the video clip flipped the switch for me…great stuff!!!!

  7. Paul

    This to me, more than anything, is a feel and something I absolutely stay away from. Thinking of leading with the right elbow gets my elbow behind me and stuck and then I stall. It feels very weak trying to get the elbow to the belly button. I think it happens, but a death thought/move for me. It goes back to all the Hogan work I’ve done flattening the swing, etc.

  8. Andreas

    Great video. Thanks

  9. mel b toast

    You’re a frickin’ genius. More important, you tell it like it is. I keep the spin tilt, use centrifugal force, etc. and smack the ball beautifully. Not even thinking about holding the lag and the eight million other things the golf magazines and Golf Channel say you have to do to play good golf. Love the blogs. Keep ’em coming. And give us a heads up if you are ever in the New York metro for any teaching gig.

  10. allen lane

    Sounds like Harvey Penick’s “Magic Move ” Nice to see it live and in motion.

  11. James

    Monte, is this basically the “dump” in Bump, dump, and turn?

    • Dickson Geoff

      Thanks for pointing out the obvious…which I missed completely.


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