An update on my game

Since no one sent me a guest column this week, I thought I’d give an update on my game.

My putting is fine. Good days and bad, but is at a level where if I play tee to green at a high level, the putter won’t be a liability.

My chipping is probably the weakest part. Not sand play, as even in my darkest days that was always at a world class level. My chipping is weak for actually a very positive reason that relates to my ball striking. The club is out in front of me and I am not required to flip at it to send it on it’s merry way. This is great for my long term success, but right now to call my feel rancid, is an understatement.

The solution: hit a bunch of chips exactly the way I am doing it right now and develop a consistent feel for it. As soon as that happens, I will look like I actually know what I am doing…and develop touch and spin and distance control.

My ball striking is in a similar place to my chipping. The club is in a great position and it feels so good it is indescribable. However, the “save” that used to create a good shot when the club us stuck, causes bad shots now.

Now you would ask how is that the same as chipping when one feels rancid and one feels great. In a full swing, I am accelerating through the terrible feel and my body is accepting it. It doesn’t hurt my body as much to swing. What is the same is the timing is off. In both cases I am not performing the action automatically yet.

The solution: hit a bunch of balls exactly the way I am doing it right now and develop a consistent feel. I actually look like I know exactly what I am doing right now, except on about every 4th or 5th ball…LOL.

The last two times I have played, I made tons of birdies and three eagles. Problem is I hit 4-5 loose shots each of those rounds that turned 63 or 64 into 68.

Basically, it’s all mental after that. I am 2-10 weeks (depending on how long it takes to develop a feel) away from being physically able to play at a Nationwide Tour level. The $64,000 question is when and if I will develop a mental ability to do the same. That blind inner arrogance that everyone who plays at a high level has. I had it at one time and need to find it again.

Since the difference between being able to play at a Nationwide Tour level and a PGA Tour level is the ability to deal with the attention from the media and fans and the money factor…there is basically no difference to me. I am a narcissistic ham who loves the attention and the difference between winning $100,000 and $1,000,000 for a victory is something I am unaffected by. In either case it’s a wheel barrow full of money.

If I think I can not only be competitive in the qualifier, but also the tournament…I will try and qualify for the Nationwide event on Northern California on April 11th.

I will for sure play in the US Open qualifying in early May. I just submitted my application.




  1. Brett Picotte

    I have no doubt that you can do it. So, I’ll start lifting weights and working out in a sauna to prepare for your return to Springfield. 🙂

    Good luck with your changes.

  2. James

    I would really like to see you on TV someday. Make it happen! Best of luck to you Monte.

  3. s.

    You say, “My chipping is probably the weakest part.”

    There seem to be many ways to chip. As I watched Geoff Ogilvy’s “Playing Lesson” on GC, he mentioned several ways to do it. The way he didn’t like, I saw Sabbatini do one time on Friday, at the tournament.

    There are probably different chips for different times. You want some to check-up. You want others to roll-out. Maybe you set the clubface for what you want to do, and let your creativity to take over.

    A priority with me is not producing a slow twist on my left knee.

    Mickelson wants to create a “hinge & hold,” which is good for results, but not so good for causes.

    Right now, thanks to the weather, the only chipping I can do is off the carpet into a chair. I’ve got a nice consistent & accurate chip, but they might spin too much for a pro. However, for me, with a past history of skulling shots over the green, I can work with the spin.

    Your treat for today, AJ Boner…uh, I mean Bonar, with a chipping theory. He was a golf coach at the collegiate level, so maybe there’s something to it. (7:37)


    Guru Manzella also teaches it: (8:46)

    So, I’m probably wrong, but I like to use a wedge or 9-iron, and vary the face angle.

  4. Doug B

    Good luck, Monte. We’re pulling for you.

  5. Calvin D

    “If I think I can not only be competitive in the qualifier, but also the tournament…I will try and qualify for the Nationwide event on Northern California on April 11th.

    I will for sure play in the US Open qualifying in early May. I just submitted my application.”

    Do it Monte. It’s a great thing to see world class talent mastered.

    In the meantime get your buddies to follow you around the course yelling YOU DA MAN and GET IN DA HOLE and clicking cameras during your swing. 🙂

  6. hank

    All the best of luck to you Monte! I am certain we will see you in competition soon!

  7. Calvin D

    I like the 5 second rule.
    Monte, do you have a brother to caddy for you?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I have a friend I call a brother from another mother.

      • Calvin D

        Awright, a motherbrother.

  8. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    2 words – Vision 54. Lynn & Pia were just here this past week. Real great insights. Also talked a bit about their new upcoming book coming in April, “Play the Best Golf you Can”. These ladies really teach golf and not just the golf swing. You can take whatever skills you have today and improve your score with their concepts. You can also use the same concepts to help you plan for future improvement.

  9. rojoass

    My Krank Driver just showed up. It’s raining here so I won’t hit her until tomorrow morning after the greens are cut & bunkers raked.
    After the 10 AM group gets off I’ll ease down to the quiet end of the range & have a few words with her.

    I hope we get along

  10. Wally

    Chipping is one of my strong points. My right elbow stays tucked to my right hip. My right hand stays fully hinged (not cocked). I use the 6-through sand wedge depending on what distance. I used a ten finger grip for chipping. The right hand controls the shot, the body never turns. I use the same stroke no matter what distance, but I use different clubs. good luck

  11. wally

    I forgot I never unhinge my right rist for that shot, very unorthodox method but works great for me

  12. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    Don’t forget to give us dates for these events. Maybe we can go cheer for you. 😉

  13. rojoass

    Josh Broadaway shot 68 again yesterday. I think he’s tied for 30th going into the last round. Maybe he’ll make a good check & get something going for the rest of the year.

    It still bugs me watching him swing cross-handed.

    Whatever works…


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