I have a new theory

This thread on GolfWrx is a beautiful thing…LOL.


Imagine if someone, who was a decent golfer, tried to improve their swing by reading this thread. “Do I want to be a swinger or a hitter…or a switter?”

I worked with a TGM guy and if you replace the “w” with an “h” that’s what it turned me into.

I guess I didn’t have my PP working…and there was no Viagra.

At worst I have a rudimentary knowledge of everything they were talking about and all I could think of was…

“Could I break 90 after reading this?

“How many penalty strokes could I accumulator?”

I don’t find anything about The Golf Machine terribly incorrect…or incorrect at all, but I do find it too complicated for a player at any level to comprehend. I find Homer Kelly a wonderful scientist, but do not think TGM has as much practical use as it is given. It is for informational purposes only, IMO. Instructors who use this information to do a better job teaching their students, are great. Instructors who teach the information directly to the students should be forced to go to and pay for “The David Leadbetter Experience,” out of their own pocket.

The analogy I can come up with is take a man on a deserted island with a library full of books on women. He then writes a book on how to pick up chicks. Reading that book would not help you get lucky if you are not a ladies’ man in the first place.

I will now duck as TGM pundits throw empty beer bottles at me and burn me in effigy. Like I said, I am through trying to avoid offending people who don’t like me anyway.




  1. s.

    You write, “I don’t find anything about The Golf Machine terribly incorrect…”

    I do. There’s way too much emphasis on Power Accumulator #4. Actually, on bones in general. Maybe what TGM misses is rotation, and how to make it work.

    It doesn’t do any good to have power accumulators if you don’t know how to release the power.

  2. Doug B


    The problem I see with all of the complicated, brain surgery attempts to teaching the golf swing is not that what is taught is incorrect. The approach itself is the problem. All of the complicated positions, feelings, etc, are the result of a good swing, not the cause of a good swing. I can feel pressure point #3 if I put my mind to it, but if I put too much of my mind to just doing that I am just as likely to forget to follow through. Natural release is where it’s at – at least for me. And – you will be flamed. Criticizing a golf method is like criticizing someone’s religion.

    Forgive me if this has been posted here before, but I think this video puts some of this stuff in the proper perspective:


    • rojoass

      ” Like I said, I am through trying to avoid offending people who don’t like me anyway. ”

      That’s the best line in the post Monte.
      As for Homer……junk science.


  3. s.

    Swinger vs. Hitter? I’ll show you swinger vs. hitter. If you struggle to keep your balance, and you have a swing that can go anywhere, you’re a hitter.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cDabu57GaE Miller #1

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cDabu57GaE&fs=1&hl=en_US%5D

    If keeping your balance is built into your swing, you’re a swinger.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YXbH8eJQhQ&feature=related Mazza

    embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/3YXbH8eJQhQ?fs=1&hl=en_US” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”480″ height=”390″>

    It’s long enough, straight, consistent, and safe. I’ll take swinger.

    And, notice Miller’s sa-weet Krank driver, which you can purchase with a discount, through Monte’s website.

  4. Mike

    I think we need to clear things up a bid:

    Monte Scheinblum = everything turns in synch = swinger

    A hitter who uses the muscles of his arms to deliberately hit the ball can’t turn in synch, that goes deep into newtowns laws, therefore it’s pretty old school physics, not junk science, LoL

    • s.

      Good one! The New Monte looks like a swinger. (But, we haven’t seen Monte after he resurrects his old swing.)

      Maybe a swinger is someone who settles for 2 + 2 =4. Mazza at the Long Drive?

      A hitter is someone who takes 2 + 2 and wants to make it = 5. Miller at the Long Drive? It’s harder, and maybe that’s why they say to swing at 80%. I think Miller only got one in the grid in the final.

      For the sport of golf, swinging looks like the real deal. Taking Mazza and Miller to the course using those same swings, I like Mazza’s chances.

      • Mike

        I think its more about your DNA, flexibility and stuff like that, look one time in the “breaking” section here:
        this cascading effect of slowing down body parts is death to the swingers motion, the hitter deals with it by using his body very different, thats what you meant with balance, good videos, i thing bubba and how much he slows his turn and posts up if he really goes after it is also a good picture. You just can’t avoid it, its newton, its law.

        Of course monte does not care because he just whacks it(:)), but for someone who struggles with his turn, its bad to tell him anything what resembles a hit out of his arms, well, you can, but then you have to put the turn part aside and pretty muh forever IMO.

        With this 80%, i think its only to avoid that the arms are over accelerating, which slows the rest down..

        I would not say that the hitter wants something different, he sure controls the club more with his hands then with his forearms or pivot. than means of course that the hitter has much more curvature on the ball..

  5. s.

    Pivot brake?

    I say that it goes back to how humans are built. If I want to turn, there’s only so far I can turn and maintain balance. It’s not braking–it’s running out of body function.

    I saw somebody notice this on a telecast of Mickelson. They said something like, “He slows his turn…”

    I say not. His turn just ran its course. At that time, there was nothing to slow his swing or follow-through, so it continued.

  6. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    I’m the one with the “h” in the middle prefixed with the male version of a certain animal. lol

  7. Calvin D

    Golfing Machine: bought it, read it, shelved it.


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