Addendum to lateral head movement in backswing

I would like to add to my previous list.

The last two major winners, Keegan Bradley and Bubba Watson (the longest hitter on the Tour).

May everyone (a vast list) who convinced me to eliminate my lateral head movement have their armpits infested with a swarm of fleas.

I am ready to call the movement against lateral head movement in the backswing…


Look at this well balanced golf swing that was probably north of 140 MPH…and a few years later, I ruined it trying to hit positions and eliminating the lateral head movement. I need some Pepto Bismal.




  1. woody

    Maybe it depends on how the lateral movement is produced.

    GOLF magazine, November 1994, article “Head Starts,” with photos. Add these pros to your list: Nick Price, Lee Janzen, Curtis Strange, Davis Love III.

    “If you’ve listened to this advice, you’ve probably also lost distance and accuracy, particularly on your tee shots.”

    I’m not a fan of golf magazines, but….

  2. Jason

    It’s a s simple as this. The head has to move if you want a 90* shoulder turn. Try standing up straight and turning your head to one side. You cannot turn it 90*. 60* to 70* at the most right? Now attempt to make a 90* shoulder turn keeping you hear dead still…….I bet you cant unless you do something else funky. This is also why pre-turning the head can be an advantage. Head bobbing is also a natural thing, it has to when the right leg straightens a fraction in the backwing. As long a the chest doesn’t lift too much the head can bob…….but that’s another story. Maybe Monte can advise on this.

  3. Peter B

    Liked that swing LOL

  4. Peter B

    Hey interesting arm turn right in takeaway you put in on plane fast. Check elbow.

  5. Jason

    I like the forward press. It puts you in motion before you even start the take-away. Monte, that drill where you swing back and forth is a great drill and that forward press is like a mini version of that before the backswing. Bring that back!


  6. meateater

    What a great golf swing. Man, is that transistion at the top quick. Honestly, I think most people would say there is a little too much lateral movement, although the camera angle is not ideal to judge it. The issue is you want to tame it a little for accuracy without destroying a beautiful athletic move. The whole sad history reminds me of Michelle Wie, who could seriously challenge PGA Tour pros at age 14 but now, after a few years of “topnotch” instruction, can’t even contend on the LPGA. Her swing is a mess compared to the incredible athletic move she had as a kid.

  7. Doyce Mcilveene, aka "mac"

    Great swing Monte! I will have to agree somewhat with your premiss on the head movement. The reason I say “somewhat” is that often times when a Pro is shown doing something if does not apply to us mid to high handicappers simple do to the fact that the Pro, such as yourself, has far better hand/ eye cordination than we could ever hope to have. That is one very important area that differs between the pro and the average golfer and one thing that cannot be taught easily if at all. You may be able to get away with some lateral head movement, but I certainly can’t. I don’t have the talent to compensate as 99% of the pros do. I.e., What a pro does, I may or may not be able to do simply due to lack of natural talent or hand/eye cordination. Would love for you to expond and expland on this subject. Maybe a little experiment to prove my premiss, such as going to a practice range and walk down the line and asking the golfers there to bounce a ball on a wedge 5 or more times and see how the results compare with the skill level of the individual golfer. May be a surprise awaiting.
    I really enjoy your approach to teaching and your willingness to stick with the simple approach and to the basics.

  8. Qtlaw88

    Damn. What a beautiful fluid swing.


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