A great comment on my long drive swing by “meateater”

I look back at my swing from 1993 and think, “All I have to do is clean that up a bit, make some putts and I beat everyone.”

Now today, meateater says essentially the same thing I thought.

What a great golf swing. Man, is that transistion at the top quick. Honestly, I think most people would say there is a little too much lateral movement, although the camera angle is not ideal to judge it. The issue is you want to tame it a little for accuracy without destroying a beautiful athletic move. The whole sad history reminds me of Michelle Wie, who could seriously challenge PGA Tour pros at age 14 but now, after a few years of “topnotch” instruction, can’t even contend on the LPGA. Her swing is a mess compared to the incredible athletic move she had as a kid.




  1. Wally

    Monte, in 1993, like or not your hands were nice and high at the top. This modern flatter swing concept has ruined too many golf swings. With a high swing the club does most of the work

      • 4theloveofthegame

        I agree with the comment from meateater but isn’t that history by now?
        What’s wrong with your swing as of today- it sure looks and can perform great from what I was able to see on youtube or on 17 in Sawgrass recently. I have no idea how it feels of course, but aren’t you also stating that something new and “correct” must feel strange as otherwise you haven’t changed anything?
        Every Remax guy seems to have a big lateral head and weight shift but most loose their balance as well, so I accept that at that level and with that intention it’sprobably a must in order to be competitive, but in order to score low I am less convnced.
        How does that rhyme with your criticism of Tiger’s head dive btw? Might it not be so engrained now that it’s better to stick with it, just as your more centred swing might by now also be too engrained? Just pondering…

      • Robert Johansson

        Ingrain is just a word for this I am doing right now.
        You can change anything back to what it has been even if you have ingrained stuff along the way. the brain does things not the muscles.

        its more of a confidence and trust issue to be able to stick with things is often hard due to the tendency the grass is greener on the other side.
        (its not)

  2. Robert Johansson

    wie went to leadbetter and then she was gone like faldo once they loose their athletic portion they cant play.

  3. woody

    I like this one better:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GfMUP_NCDpQ (Monte 1992)

    I’m thinking that there is no transition. Whatever happens at the top is all downswing (not to imply that it’s arms and not body).

    If somebody is thinking, “I’m in the transition now,” they’re probably not achieving their full potential. That’s kind of what release from the top means.

  4. woody

    P.S. Led-worser sure did a job on Wie. He shortened her swing…and probably her career. Too bad he didn’t spend more time on putting.

  5. Will

    Why do players who have the ability to regularly shoot rounds in the 60’s, with some in the low 60’s or better, rush to change that swing in order to get better, as opposed to changing either their approach to the game (course management), or sharpening their short game as their first options? Are they seeing something us normal players don’t?

    An honest question; not being a know-it-all or a jerk.

    • Calvin

      Here’s my 2 cents. I have the ability to regularly shoot in the high seventies and when I do I am happy and think I know something but inevitably I will hit a high to mid eighties stretch and decide that what I knew was bogus and the experiments begin again.

    • Robert Johansson

      1. to try to be better.
      2. to maybe adjust flaws and compensations.
      3. Listening to the wrong people. (common as golf gurus)

      Jack Nicklaus became better and better didn’t do much swing work and would have benefited with eating habits and physical regimen.

      Its a huge tendency to believe the swing makes the result happen.


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