A response from a client.

This was a response from the fellow who made the videos I posted Friday.

I’d be happy to talk about my lessons with Monte. A little background for context: I am currently a poor golfer by anybody’s standard. This isn’t some “aw shucks bit” either. I suck. If you can read this, I’m worse than you.

I started last May, and became hopelessly addicted to this game after some dumb luck rounds in the first few months of playing. When that luck faded, I went the conventional route and got some lessons from a nearby assistant pro that did nothing for me. Frustrated to the point of quitting, I discovered Monte’s online lessons and after a few of those, realized he was only an hour away from me and decided to see him in person.

I think I’ve had about 5-6 lessons thus far. I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. I didn’t show up once and walk away with a perfect swing, but since this was never promised or expected, it was never an issue. As Monte will attest, I am a unique case. My swing issues are the opposite of what most people face, and I get the distinct impression that Monte has never had a client like me before. This actually seems to excite him. I’m like a patient who wandered into his clinic with an exceptionally rare disease.

To be clear, the main diagnosis has remained consistent from the start. My upper and lower body are severely out of sync. By the time my arms reach impact, my hips are already sitting in the cart. The challenge has been figuring out ways of dealing with this.

The primary working feel that we’ve discovered is scandalous enough to get him banned from golfwrx, but it is basically, “swing without turning the hips.” It feels completely odd right now, but it looks right and the results (when I execute it) are great. And yes, my hips do still actually turn. It’s just a feel, but it has been a big breakthrough.

Yesterday’s lesson was four hours long, so its been no walk in the park, but Monte is obviously extremely generous with his time. He’s never let me leave a lesson feeling confused or down about my game, which is why it takes so long.




  1. woody

    “Yesterday’s lesson was four hours long”

    –Good thing you’re not Led. I think he charges something like $1200/hr.

    • mukster

      And you would look really strange with the red hair AND those khaki slacks pulled up to your armpits 😛
      4 hours, now that is a lesson and then some!

  2. atyler16

    Nice endorsement. I’m thinking of heading 3 hrs. South for an in person lesson if possible. Are Saturdays available Monte?

  3. Tim

    Just to follow up on the four hours with some more props… One of my other issues is getting steep in the downswing and yanking the handle. Monte has basically been trying to get me to shallow the club since the first lesson. He finally got me to do it, on video, at around 3:45 mark of that lesson. Had we not gone that long, who knows when I would have figured it out. I’m not out of the woods by any means, but I have filmed about 60 swings since then, and I am yet to get steep on any of them.

  4. HoldTheLag

    Will we have people making multi day pilgrimages to see Monte like they do Slicefixer? If not maybe it’s time to start!!!

    I’m not driving through; I’d spend the whole time down there sleeping the trip off!


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