You will find this funny

I was in Phoenix meeting with people who are going to possibly produce my training device.

There was a long drive qualifier for 4 different regions, so I decided to do it for three of them.

There was a slope that was at the tee box at the other end of the range. It turns out it was between 330 and 337.

Every round I kept hitting bombs between 332 and 337 and no roll. They were going to be good enough to qualify, so I didn’t screw around until my final set. I purposely hit a toe hook that was awful and went almost 350…LOL.

I am in regions 1, 2 and 4 in Seattle, Mesquite and Salt Lake City. Theoretically I won’t go up against anyone who is near as long as I am, but I wanted 3 chances to make sure conditions changing or something like a slope in a funny place like today got me.

It’s part of the sport and you have to adjust. Had I needed it, I could have run a low hook up to 360. That is the advantage I have. now I just need to get in shape. Already started. Down 5 pounds. There were no real other seniors hitting, so I just needed to hit the grid.

One other big name competitor was here and hit a toe hook past me by a yard, so I had to hit again.

The other good news is I didn’t even prepare for this by practicing with the long club. Hadn’t hit it in 6 weeks. Trying to peak in September.




  1. Robert Evans

    I saw Monte bomb some balls at that range the day before. Absolutely amazing! Thanks also for that great lesson!

  2. woody

    “my training device”

    –This is either going to guide people to “turn their shoulders perpendicular to their spine,” or it’s coming out of the blue.

  3. Mike Divot

    Maybe it’s a giant rubber band that will force me to go wide and low on my backswing. Or a kind of plastic hinge to force me to hold the lag. If it’s some kind of shirt I have to wear, even better.

  4. Mike Divot

    At least no-one’s thought of the rubber shirt yet.

    • HoldTheLag

      It’s even better it’s the golf swing shorts.

  5. calvin

    Probably something simple like a concrete block.

  6. Duane

    You are a jokester, the lesson you gave me was worthless, and you swing like an old lady


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