You must learn basic body control and awareness to improve your swing.

I am astounded how few people can make a swing on command, where the end of the backswing is left arm parallel to the ground. If a roadside sobriety test involved bending at the waist/hips and with the eyes closed, lifting the left arm to parallel to the ground and no further, the leading DUI attorneys would surpass Buffett, Gates and Allen on the net worth lists.

I’d say only 1 in 5 at best and more likely 1 in 10 can do this. It is this lack of kinesthetic awareness that makes it so hard for people to make changes in their swing.

The first step in making a swing change should be to have at least a little awareness and diminish the “feel isn’t real” hurdle.

In order to do this, you should be able to, on command, take your highest lofted club and hit it 50 yards….and/or take a 7/8 iron and hit a punch shot.

The main goal is to be able to make theses shots from the proper swing length, which is around left arm parallel to the ground.

Until you can do this on command, trying to make a swing change is yelling Dulcinea at the sky all day long.




  1. Jake G


  2. Cervantes

    +1 for the great post. And +2 more for the Quixote reference

  3. Greg Tellis

    I know you’re busy, but don’t stop writing your short lessons and


  4. KD

    Monte, how do you progress from this arm parallel swing to the proper full length swing, especially with the longer clubs (driver, 4-iron). Feels effortless with an 8-iron arm parallel, but same old BS with the longer clubs and full swing…


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