Working with me for 2-3 days

Someone in a comment Monday used the word pilgrimage referring to coming to So Cal to see Well, I am far from Mecca or Jerusalem, but golfers have been making the trip down to see me for 2-3 days and I am also starting to schedule “traveling schools” where I am going out to work with groups of Golfers.

If any of you are interested in coming down for a few days to see what it’s like to have the “Monte Scheinblum experience” (not full of myself for those who didn’t read the article where I made fun of the David Leadbetter experience)…

I will take care of everything but food and airfare. I’ll include the hotel and transportation to and from hotel, airport and golf course in the price.

The trip will include one round of golf with me at Oak Creek.

This will work for 1-3 people.

On the flip side if you can organize a minimum of 3 people and up to 10. I will come to you, make my own travel arrangements, all you have to do is find a facility that will allow me to conduct the school and round of golf.

The fees obviously depend on number of people, how many days and how many hours you would want to spend at the course.




  1. Tom McNamara

    The pilgrimage from Okinawa was the best thing I have done for my game to date…just wish we had time to play a round! It’s been a lot of work and constant adjustments as I’m a head case. I’ll be back soon!

  2. exilgolfer

    Sweden is far far away…

  3. Damon

    I hope you have plans to come to the Tampa area.

    • Bruce

      Damon – I’m near Ft. Lauderdale, but have family in Lakeland and Valrico. Let me know if you’d be interested in trying to get a group together near Tampa.

      • Damon

        Yes, definitely interested. I’m committed just about every weekend through May with Little League. Maybe we can arrange something for early Summer? I’m not sure anyone I golf with would be interested in a clinic though. Maybe 1 person, so I might not be able to pull too many people in. However we could try to get a group from a couple of the Golf Forum’s. What are your thoughts? Monte – I think you have my email address from the posts, can you PM me approximate costs/pp just so I can have something to mention as I talk to my friends?

      • Bruce

        Early summer should work for me. I don’t think my golf buddies would be interested either, so if it’s allowed, maybe we bring it up on golfwrx?

        Monte, can you give Damon my email address so we don’t have to interrupt your blog to try and set something up?

      • Jeff

        I’m in the St. Pete area and may be interested if Monte were to come to town.

  4. atyler16

    I doubt my regular group would be able to make it either, but I’m willing to pitch in for a group clinic.

  5. Bruce

    Monte – Please pass my email address along to anyone who is interested in a golf school with you in the Tampa area (i.e. Jeff and atyler16 if he was talking about Tampa).

    Anyone else interested in Monte’s Traveling Golf School in the Tampa area, please request my email address from Monte and shoot me a note and I’ll keep you in the loop.

  6. woody

    Article about Jimmy Ballard, from year 2000. Correct for inflation:

    “Ballard remains a consultant, but most of his energy these days goes into his players’ schools, month-long sessions for developing better players that cost $15,000.”


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