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I want to continue to simplify my ideas about golf for both myself and all of you. A reader continues to suggest that I am not always diligent in answering questions.

There is a message board and I really would like to expand the discussions. I don’t know everything and the more discussion that goes on, the more we can simplify our golf games.

Simple will definitely lead to lower scores for all of us. So bring your ideas, questions, friends having problems with their game, etc.

Tomorrow I have YET ANOTHER post explaining that a proper release is not a cast…and actually how a proper release will prevent a cast…and more on the dreaded lag topic.

I hope tomorrow’s post will create a lot of nice debate and questions on the message board. Don’t be shy, ask some today. Create a debate. After all the terrible information we have been exposed to from the experts, there literally is no such thing as a stupid question.

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  1. Bob34

    I’ve posted a note about the Hampton Roads VA glf clinic in the forums for those that might bei interested in getting lessons directly from Monte.


  2. banchiline

    OK Monte……….I’m going to the message board .

    I have been reading up on “side bend through impact”. Only cause I’ve been dealing with a whacked out lateral move towards the target by “trying to turn through the shot” . There has to be a balance there, correct?
    I’m looking for a key or feeling to help me get there . With the hip bump my upper body goes too. With ‘REAR SHOULDER DOWN” I hang back .
    I still play pretty well but those 3 to 6 whacked out pulls are killing better rounds .


    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s almost this simple. As long as your shoulders are always rotating 90* to your spine, it’s very difficult to get in front of it, or hang back.

      If they are rotating 90* to the spine on the downswing, the left shoulder will go away from the target and right shoulder toward it. That makes it hard to get in front of it or hang back.

  3. jp

    What are some drills for not raising up during the back swing which produces dipping on the forward swing? Thanks for any ideas

    • Steve Bishop

      Lifting is a tough one. Sometimes it’s a balance issue, sometimes it’s the left arm rolling too much, and sometimes it just makes the player feel more powerful.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s all about maintaining spine angle. I have had a lot of success with students trying two feels.

      1. Feel like your butt continues to stick out throughout the backswing.

      2. Maintain some knee flex in the rear knee.

      …or both…although i only like doing one feel at a time.


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