What would this swing produce?

1. Low and slow
2. Restrict hip turn for maximum coil
3. Late handset so you can pull the handle and get maximize lag
4. Hold the lag
5. Cover the ball by getting your spine forward and vertical at impact.

Now what would this swing produce?

1a. Left arm working up to match the shoulder turn
1b. Faster tempo to match what most top players have
2. Free hip turn
3. Early wrist set so the arm swing remains short and keep the arms from sucking inside
4. Cast on purpose to speed up right arm to link with turn…or at least allow the the wrists free motion
5. Keep upper body back to create tilt and make room for arms to speed up

I am thinking golfers of equal skill levels given a year to work on these things one by one. Golfer number two would be able to give golfer number one a stroke a hole. Unless of course golfer number one quit golf part way into the project.




  1. Justin

    I have been implementing much of what you teach monte. The casting from the top definitely results in some great iron shots. One of the things I am having trouble with is the faster tempo. It results in very inconsistent shots at times. Any tips on finding that tempo or could it be the result of casting from the top?

  2. Jared

    Swing 1. Over the top, steep, and shanks.
    Swing 2. Effortless power
    What do I win?

    • Andrew in Belgium

      You win a fun round of golf!

  3. theMIKE

    Well, IMO no.5 is not really necessary and will just impact your angle of attack? I would even say that it may be better to leave that to your athleticism and see what ball flight it produces and how repetitive it is going to be. For me maintaining this tilt on purpose causes me problems in free hip rotation going forward..

    • George

      It will impact angle of attack but that is the whole point. Shallower angle of attack with shaft lean equals better contact, distance, and consistency. Not to mention it can help to reduce curve by making path less right. Of course if you do what a lot of people do which is get steep and flip it all away then shallowing out will help you actually hit down on the ball, but without creating huge divots.

      • theMIKE

        For sure I am not flipping;) I have very little clubface rotation through the ball and I never ever swing right, but left.. I am at times a bid too steep, but if I try to hold back my upper body I am too armsy, I can be way too shallow.
        For me is key, be a little bid patient in transitioning, turn your body and throw the club to the left. I can have more tilt to the right at setup to hit it higher, but that is a kind of rescue shot if I need to get over something (which is then a very calm and shortish swing), otherwise I try to not meddle in my swing, I have something in me that makes me steep by nature and if I try to overcome that artificially, then I am doomed and heavily inconsistent, so why trying??

  4. gothamgarage

    Wow this is easy, these are my first two paths through golf. I tried the Golf Digest method (first set) for 10 years and was frustrated every day. Second is what I’m trying now, getting better all the time, down to a 4 hdcp, and excited every day. Thanks Monte!

  5. Ed

    Everything makes sense except for the cast on purpose.
    This is from an over the top player struggling with the banana slice/workable fade
    Any thoughts Monte? Thanks.

    • WF

      Make sure you watch the Video from oct 27 post that explains this much better. Not an actual cast–feel based description.

  6. Mike G

    Golf Channel should run a contest. Amateur 1 taught by Haney vs Amateur 2 taught by you. I would tune in!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Better idea. Let Haney screw him up and see if I can fix him.

      • theMIKE

        ever heard about the UN human rights charter?

      • Chris

        Doesn’t Haney screw everyone up???

  7. Steel

    Monte, what you describe with golfer 2 is what I have done for years and been told how awful it is. For me, being a former baseball player, it feels like my baseball swing adapted. Upper body is back, weight shifted forward, hips rotating free, and arms moving fast as possible.


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