What the arms do in a golf swing

The concept is this simple. Your spine is inclined. In relation to the ground, the arms must lift in the backswing and drop in the downswing.

So using the spine inclination as “level,” you want your arms to remain relatively level in backswing and downswing (small variations part of the deal).

In the backswing, things like “low and slow” and inside backswings cause “arm drop.”

In the downswing, things like steep and over the top cause “arm lift.”

Both in relation to spine inclination.

People who try and “drop the club in the slot” often create too much arm drop…especially if there is a backswing issue.

It’s easier said than done, but the object is to keep the arms “level” through the whole swing.





  1. Ron

    Monte: One of your BEST videos on swing!!!

  2. Exilgolfer

    Could you please hit a ball from that tee and tell us the yardage. Just out of interest. Thanks 🙂

  3. Peter Billinghurst


    Another great post, just about to go offline and head off on a xmas break, thanks very much for all your hard work during the year. It is an amazing effort to achieve what is almost a daily post here on top of what you do on other sites ! Very hard to come up with something “new” on a regular basis and make it informative and fun. Best wishes for xmas and the new year to you and your family.

  4. John

    I’ve watched this video several times and it never fails to amaze me that you can make so much sense, so easily, to us average amateurs. This is a great learning video for people like me, that get caught up in the complex teachings, which leave my swing in a mess (and my mind also). Thanks, Monte.

  5. WF

    just what I needed! getting way to complex in my thoughts lately and you always seem to bring it back to the basics and get me thinking clearly!

  6. Mark

    Between this explanation and the your explanation of tilt at address (making room for the arms) you are making golf so much more fun. Thanks!

  7. Jake

    Another great video Monte. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and thanks for what you do!

  8. Calvin

    What goes up must come down.
    Except arms. They can go up and stay up
    or wiggle all about.

  9. Daveydo

    This is the best golf video on the web today. I’ve watched it many times. After a
    bad ballstriking day, I come back to this video. For me, it works like a reset button.


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