What I learned Monday that can help you

When you read what I am about to say, your reaction is going to be…

“No kidding?”

…and in a very sarcastic way, but it is a concept many of us forget.

You can’t work on your swing on the course during a tournament or money game. It’s one thing if you are playing a fun round and trying to work on what you are working on…and test it on the course. It’s something different when you are trying to shoot a meaningful round. You have to hope that what you are fooling with on the range starts to translate to the course.

What you hope for is your work on the range has infiltrated your feel and has already created some improvement. Then go to the course and get it done. If you are struggling, do what it takes to not struggle.

For instance. Let’s say you aren’t shifting your hips far enough toward the target and that is what you are working on. You aren’t going to get them far enough forward when you play. On the contrary, under pressure you tend to revert back to old ways. So move the ball back in your stance (or forward in your stance for that matter) a hair until you can get to the range and continue to improve. That is what playing golf tells you…how to get it around when your swing is a folded up lawn chair inside a phone booth.

I am not for bandaids to fix a swing issue per se…but sometimes you have to throw one on to make it through a round that means something. It’s called playing golf and tour players do it all the time. Get through the round until you can get to the range. It doesn’t always work, but it beats the alternative…which is to struggle with your swing and play bad for sure.

During my first round yesterday, I felt hooks were imminent and it was OB left on every shot. I spent the whole first round trying to hit cuts. All of the sudden, I felt things line up, went back to my normal draw and played very well the second round.

The point is to find a bandaid that temporarily stops the bleeding until you can put a more permanent fix on it.

It’s called playing golf…and I need to do more of it.




  1. Bob

    Great post Monte. Thank you for the insight!

  2. T.Peters

    Reminds me of one of Henry Cottons* columns in the Brittish weekly Golf Illustrated in the seventies. He used to write ‘the order of the day’ inside his golf glove.

    *HC was one of Englands best players in the thirties and forties. He claimed to have ‘invented’ the golf glove and was late in his life honoured with an MBE for his efforts for British golf.

  3. Ron

    Love it Monte, Your goal to play with one ball kept you focused on your next shot and not all the extraneous thoughts and problems.

    Excellent insight and congrats on winning! NO KIDDING!

  4. Calvin

    How many balls do you normally decide to play with? 🙂

  5. Robert Johansson

    Patience Watson the thief will son reveal himself.
    How do you Know Sherlock?
    No matter how good they are, they will always come back for more.
    Patience is a virtue of the best.

  6. MikeR

    Hey Monte, you’ve got to promise to keep the blog going while you’re cleaning up on tour 🙂

  7. Steve Pratt

    God this is so hard to do when I’m such a range rat! I know too much technical mumbo jumbo! I can’t remember the last time I just let it go on the golf course. But I remember those days, and man it was sweet to play by feel.

  8. rojoass

    Been there & done that Steve. It’s no fun. Maybe Monte could give you an intervention if yer willing to go through it.
    Swingcrack is a terrible thing. I ‘m a recovering addict myself.

    Hey Monte what about the T-shirts?



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