What club should I chip with?

Should I putt from here?

Should I fly it to the hole or bump and run it? What club shot I bump and run it with?

What is the right shot?

The answer is very simple. Hit the shot you are comfortable with.

No amount of any expert telling you what the “right shot” is, will change the fact that it doesn’t fit your eye or feel…or nerves in that particular situation. Maybe the lie doesn’t make you comfortable to hit that shot. Maybe there is a slope or water near the hole.

The object is not what is the right shot, or which shot can you pull off a miracle every 20 and lay the sod over the other 19, or which shot Tiger would play from there.

You know your game, if you hit 10 balls from that spot, which shot is going to produce the best total distance.

In other words, I would rather putt from a little bit of a thin lie in the fringe and guarantee all 10 within 3 feet, versus hitting the “correct shot” because that shot makes me a little nervy and I might chunk one out of 10…or one out of 5 under pressure.

Play the shot that you are comfortable with even though you saw Dave Pelz tell you the “right way” to hit it was different.

It also doesn’t make your way wrong because Johnny Miller criticized some guy for playing it that way after he didn’t hit it within 6 inches. Because that was the way that guy was comfortable playing it and he probably won the tournament by 5 because he was doing things the way he was comfortable, instead of the “right way.”




  1. Brian

    I just wanted to start off by saying you saved my golf game earlier in the fall through a comment you made on a thread I created on golfwrx. Although I’m less than half your age and still playing college golf, I’ve ran into the problem of creating a perfect swing similar to you.

    My short game has degraded severely in the past few years because I neglected to practice enough because I was always on the range. To my question: I have found that I lack the feel I used to have around the greens to the point where I’m scared of a basic 50 yard shot from the fairway. I often hit these shots fat and they always come off very low (unlike the high, soft landing shorts which were a forte of mine). I cannot for the life of me create the same type of turf interaction I used to be able to and neither I or the many pros I have spoke with can figure it out. Do you have any insight as to how this problem may have came about and any possible solutions?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It means your arms don’t have enough room to swing. Might not be bent over enough, might have too much weight on the toes, etc.

    • woody

      “I was always on the range… I have found that I lack the feel I used to have around the greens to the point where I’m scared of a basic 50 yard shot from the fairway.”

      –I’m not an expert or a guru, but you may be picking up your full-swing rhythm, if that’s all you practice. With a partial shot, you’re not getting wound-up as much. Maybe you just need to get your body more in sync with the shot you’re making.
      My 2 ¢.

  2. Ron

    Well said, Monte, “Hit the shot with the club you re comfortable with.” The mental aspect of golf is huge. This also applies to hitting a 7i or 8i on the course. “Hit the shot with the club you are comfortable with.” There is nothing worse for a golfer than setting up over a ball and having doubt!

  3. Jim D

    In situations where I don’t necessarily need to hit a high chip because of the type of intervening ground (bunker, rough, etc) I find myself somewhat conflicted about whether to use different clubs and use the same swing (that produces the same downward force on the ball) or use the same club and vary the swing (i.e. the downward force). Perhaps hours of practice is needed?


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