Wanna know why it takes 6 hours to play?




  1. Bob

    The only thing missing is the obligatory 14 practice swings, and of course they’re hitting from the tips.

  2. David

    Also missing is the slice into the woods followed by a mulligan resulting in another slice into the wood followed by another mulligan because that was just a practice shot.

  3. calvin

    I kind of enjoyed that. Wouldn’t want to play behind them.
    Looks like a tournament so the course is probably closed to others.

  4. hank

    looks like a pig fuck!

  5. John

    I suddenly feel so much better about my swing!

  6. Cal

    In defence of my fellow countrymen this will be the annual golf weekend. A few of them will not have played since last year’s weekend. All of them will have drunk way too much the night before having been let off the marital leash. Mulligans are far more common in the USA than the UK. They will play stableford thus should pick up when they can no longer score on the hole. No pigs will have been fucked.

    • Andrew in Belgium

      Indeed the annual outing to a decent course in Northern France is primarily aimed at drinking with golf as a good excuse for going. These courses are so slow anyway with the typical French “chi chi”club members that a few drunken poms will make little difference.

  7. Jim Dunlop

    Drunken poms in La France always a recipe for disaster.


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