US Open qualifying is today

I don’t want any of this to come off as a pre-excuse, or setting myself up to fail.

This blog is partly a diary/cautionary tale for those who want to learn from my experiences and my mistakes and I am just trying to be honest on how I feel.

You can ask anyone who has seen me hit balls, chip and putt lately. I am hitting the ball, chipping and putting well enough to make it today.

Physically, I am ready to start playing well. Mentally I am smarter on the course than I have ever been and I make mostly the right decisions.

HOWEVER…the third component, I pretty much get an F. The emotional/confidence component. I haven’t reached a comfort level on the course yet. It’s a lot better than it was even a week ago when I made a command decision to stop being a swing psycho, accept the fact I am going to hit bad shots and just play the game.

What I am struggling with is more memories of 75 than 65 and bad feels creeping their way in…and the only way to get out of this is to play my way out of it.

If I get out of my own way today, I am libel to shoot 68 or 69 and would have almost a month to prepare myself for the next stage.

I am hoping that doesn’t fall into the category of “if my grandmother had balls, she’d be my grandfather.”

65, 75 or 85, I will be back tomorrow with an honest assessment of where I need to go next. Actually I already know the answer. Either play my way out of it…or play my way into more of it. 😀

I have just forgotten how easy it is to shoot 65…because I just haven’t done it enough in recent times to realize it. I have been too busy trying to perfect my move. YUCK!!!!!!!!




  1. Will

    Good luck, Monte. One shot at a time, man (so cliche’, but true).

  2. Calvin D

    What a huge pleasure it must be to be able to play in a U.S. Open qualifier.

  3. rojoass

    Nobody can say “Oh Monte……..just do this………..& you’ll be fine”…………

    It’s all on you.

    Don’t hit the Swingcrack bong today.

  4. Mike from Canada

    Good Luck Monte.

  5. highmel

    May the Force be with you ! 🙂 Would be sooo nice to see you in TV soon.

  6. Westy

    Give ’em hell. Remember a bad day on the course still beats a good day in an office.

  7. SnowDale

    What site are you playing your qualifier?

    • Brett Picotte

      I asked him that question a few days ago. Here’s what he said,

      “Newport Beach. One of my favorites. Played Open Q there three times before and made it twice.”

  8. John

    Play well Monte. Take Dead Aim and give em hell.

  9. FredL

    Play well…at least you can say you’ve done it regardless of the outcome.

  10. Peter B

    Enjoy it, that’s all advice I can give you. Simply enjoy it.

  11. Peter B

    where is the live scoring?

  12. Wally

    Monte, I have been in high pressure situations throughout my professional life. The best way to get it to have cofidence in your tools, stay focused on the job at hand(each shot). DO NOT PROJECT THE OUTCOME. Wear comfortable clothing. Dress sharp, it makes you feel better(it worked for Ben Hogan). Don’t worry about being long, just be accurate. Get enough sleep, do not drink any alcohol (we do not need any poison in yout system at all). Make sure your cleats are perfect (the shot starts from the ground up). Analyze the course, not your swing. MAKE A PLAN AND STICK TO IT.
    Best of luck Wally

  13. KShin

    Good Luck!!!!!

  14. Peter B

    What was that double bogey on that par3? There seems to be air for the next days! DID YOU ENJOY IT?

  15. banner12

    It’s a short course, but tight with super fast greens. Hard to score on if set up correctly. Monte’s 73 is an excellent score there.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Good Call BT. The greens had been punched and hadn’t quite grown in. Made putting tough.



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