Tilt behind the ball at impact

That’s how you get off your right side and not get in front of it.

Golfers all over the world at all skill levels hang back. They also get in front of it. They hang back trying not to get in front of it and they get in front of it trying not to hang back.


To simplify, the spine should be tilted away from the target at address and at impact. The way to achieve this can be difficult, especially from a feel standpoint as it can put some strain on your lower back and also feel like you can’t hit down on the ball.

If you do it right, it won’t hurt your back and it will make it really easy to hit down on the ball. That is how you know you are doing it right.

Some people think of the lower body going toward the target, while the upper body goes away from it.

Some can create this just by a lateral hip motion toward the target, while others feel like their head moves away from the target.

This is where video or a keen eyed instructor, or range cohort comes in. You need to find what feel produces this motion, as it is very important in creating power and accuracy.

For you the feel might be chasing Brooklyn Decker in front of you with your lower body and chasing Holly Sonders behind you with your upper body.

The point is…you need to have tilt behind the ball at address and tilt behind the ball at impact with your weight moving toward your front side…and you need to find a feel that gets you there.

…and a good start is to get in an impact position and see what that tilt with a proper weight shift feels like at impact. Then experiment with ways to reproduce that feel.




  1. rojoass

    One of your all-time best post

  2. Wally

    most hackers right arm (for right handers) break waaay too soon in the follw through.

  3. swaff

    What a great post. Exactly what I need to hear as I’m struggling with this right now.

  4. dayo

    If you’re right-handed with a traditional grip (vardon, interlock), wouldn’t the fact that your right hand is lower than the left automatically give your that tilt away from the target at address? This should also aid with the tilt at impact/downswing if you hold all your angles throughout the entire swing.

  5. Wally

    I don’t know about you guys’, but I am going to order a SPEED WHOOSH today. Does it ever end

  6. steve l.

    I agree, one of the best posts ever. It can be a weird feeling keeping that tilt. I know I have the tendency to lose the side tilt on the takeaway or through impact. When you do it right, it feels “too simple” – least for me.

  7. meateater

    What, no stack and tilters explaining you have to be centered over the ball, not leaning back at address?

    Love the Kostis reference above though. “Maintain the spine angle” has probably wrecked more golf swings, and certainly more backs, than “chase it down the line”. Neither occurs in a good swing. Just dial up Jamie Sadlowski on youtube if you don’t believe me. The spine bends dramatically to the right in the downswing. Players that don’t bend that much, eg Leadbetter students, tend to have odd lunging moves, eg Lee Westwood, Paula Creamer.

  8. Erik J. Barzeski

    meateater, here you go: you don’t have to be tilted at address. You can be stacked (not over the ball – just upper center over lower center… if the ball is forward you’re “behind” it) and create secondary axis tilt by pushing the hips forward during the downswing (and, for many, the tail end of the backswing).

    I agree entirely with your larger paragraph, though, meateater. 🙂

  9. aapgolfer

    Really really nice post. As always you got this one by its tale, but to further simplify what you want people to do, all you have to feel is that on your back swing allow your leftt rib and hip to flex(making them closer to each other) and do the same motion on your downswing with you right side. This is literally a tilting motion that wont dislocate your hip and will actually put your swing path in perfect position where most instructors will tell you to do this and that with your hands that dont actually put the club on plane 😀


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