Tiger’s infamous head dip, et al

A lot of people have claimed Tiger’s head dip is a problem, while others say many golfers do it and that’s not his issue….he’s pure again for the 17th time in 6 years and will win 2 majors and catch Jack.

I have not seen the head drop issue adequately explained in Tiger’s swing, or in general.

There are 3 kinds of head drop.

1. From the body not quite extending enough and staying in too much flexion in the backswing. Often and in Tiger’s case, when you try to get too wide in the backswing.

2. From increased secondary tilt (ST-spine tilt away from the target) in transition, which many long hitters do.

3. Moving the entire upper body toward the ball. Byron Nelson did this by bending both knees at the ball.

Tiger does all 3.

When he was under Foley he was forced into late and massive #2 coming into impact to avoid chunking woods, which he did a few times and that’s what hurt his back.

#1 causes his right hip not to get deep enough and #3 is him over squatting in transition.

He used to get away with all this and create room by snapping his left knee.

If he wants to protect his back and knee and play his best golf he needs to eliminate #1, minimize when and how much of #2 he gets and minimize #3.

Start with some ST, get right hip deeper and extend a little in the backswing. When he used to lateral move off the ball he created some of this. When he stopped moving laterally he couldn’t extend or he would think he was reverse pivoting and people would have yelled Stack and Tilt at him and he would have gone on a 4 state killing spree.

Then get the right shoulder out immediately (Flatter downswing shoulder turn) and that would kill two birds with one stone. It would be difficult for him to over squat and he wouldn’t create so much late ST. His hips and hand path would move more left, which would protect his knee and back and create space for him to play shots of any kind.

My 2 cents.




  1. Ryan Groves

    Monte – I really like this and the simplicity of presentation. I’m very intrigued by #1. I have always thought his ability to keep his right hip deep, increase the flexion in his waist, and keep his head from backing up was part of his innate physical genius.

    So are you saying the to minimize #1 and create enough room, get some extension in both the right knee and hip to prevent the head from backing up?


  2. Greg

    Monte if he is firing his glutes properly shouldn’t that override any of his other faults?

  3. Joey

    Hahahahaha. The Glute joke IS SO ORIGINAL and funny. GREAT ONE GREG!!!

    If you Tiger haters thought he was over covered before I hope you’re ready for the new wave of the entire world worshipping him. Love seeing you guys get stunned and silenced when he drops the yips like they never existed.

    Haney, Chamblee, and the rest of you have lost about 95% of your credibility.

  4. soupagain

    To quote a wise man “Mumbo Jumbo!”


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