Tiger has no idea who I am.

I have literally gotten over 100 emails, PM’s and texts, sincerely asking me if someone from Tiger’s camp had reached out to me…and even more telling me I should be the choice.

I appreciate those of you who think that highly of me.

Here is what my advice would be.

“You need a little more secondary tilt at address and at the top, so you can level out your shoulder turn…so it won’t be so vertical, you won’t be so steep and you won’t have so much late added secondary tilt at impact. Hit nothing but shots inside 40-50 yards for a month, allowing your body to move freely and unrestricted by positions. After that, practice the 9 windows..then go play. Don’t tell anyone I helped you until you win your first major. See you in April after you win at Augusta. That will be $1.”





  1. Andrew Tyler

    I must admit the coolest part would be me telling all my friends I have the same instructor as Tiger. 🙂

  2. Jake G

    As cheap as Tiger is, he would probably snipe the advice off of here for free saving his dollar and then give credit to someone else like Jason Gore did

  3. Johnny D

    What are the 9 windows Monte?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      High pull fade, high straight, high push draw, medium pull fade….etc.

  4. Ryan G

    You are the man Monte! Self belief and get Frank on your side. Tigger needs you!!

  5. Don LIssen

    “…level out your shoulder turn…so it won’t be so vertical, you won’t be so steep and you won’t have so much late added secondary tilt at impact…”

    –Judging by the pro swing sequence photos I see at Golf Digest online, I’d be tempted to say that right shoulder low and secondary tilt are seen in all good (right-handed)pro swings.

    For example, Harris English …aren’t I seeing what you say not to do?

    Here’s a reason why your advice here might be good for an amateur swing …but not for pros. A pro moves his shoulder with his whole body. An amateur might try to mimic that by just doing mostly a shoulder move, which won’t work.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s about degrees and when it happens. My “wedges” video has a detailed explanation of this.

      You are not totally understanding what I said. All good players at all levels get to that picture. It’s how you get there. He is t getting there correctly and actually has too much secondary in many of his swings.

      You can get there with little to none at the top and a very vertical shoulder turn.

      You can get there with some at the top and a more horizontal shoulder turn which promotes a freer hip turn through impact…and a more left hand path without forcing it over there.

      He is the former and needs to be the latter. When he had a slight lateral move in 2000, he was in a better position at the top.

  6. Michael C.

    Tiger is very knowledgeable about the golf swing. Hank stated that it was difficult to keep him on point because of this. Tiger was constantly tinkering. He really needs to find his natural swing again instead of trying to force his body into certain positions to achieve the perfect ‘traj’ or whatever. When you force things it puts strain on your body, usually your back, and that’s okay when you’re in trouble and need to hit a 30 yard slice or a ‘stinger’, but not as your normal swing.

    Then he needs to find a good set of eyes to keep him there and keep his bad habits in check.

    I don’t know you, Monte, but from what I’ve seen from you, your philosophy is comparable to Butch. Good fundamentals then tweak what needs to be tweaked in a persons natural swing. I hope the comparison doesn’t insult you as I think you have a knack for teaching.

    Tiger knows how to play golf, he needs to find a way to stand over the ball with confidence and a visual of the shot he needs to hit instead of all the swing thoughts. They’re written all over his face.

  7. sa79

    Just found this in an article from 2010. You’re going to love this

    But Woods has committed himself to breaking a lifelong habit of moving laterally to his right in his backswing. He’s keeping his arms tighter to his torso, turning his shoulders on a steeper plane, and allowing his body to move more aggressively toward the target so that he’s noticeably “covering” the ball more at impact. Woods took on several drills — having a shaft held next to the right side of his head, swinging while keeping a golf glove from dropping from his right armpit, hitting balls barefoot to improve footwork, and “walking through” shots by stepping forward with his right foot.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      That’s just great…and people say how smart Tiger is.

      • Michael C.

        We’ve all drank the kool-aid trying to improve.

  8. IPM

    I would love to see this pairing. Monte there is no doubt in my mind that you would have him winning majors again. Not only that his swing would be a smooth and natural motion that works with his body (and the laws of physics), instead of against them.

    • Jim D

      Always assuming that he did what Monte told him. Tiger and most every other golfer has trouble doing what the instructor says. That requires a belief in the pupil that the instructor knows what he’s doing. Most of us think we can dig it out of the dirt ourselves.

      • IPM

        That’s definitely true. Doesn’t matter how great of a teacher you are, if you don’t have a great student.

    • eric

      Tiger Woods’ golf swing with Butch vs. Haney vs. Foley


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