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  1. Jake G

    Hold the lag baby. What a fool.

  2. Chris S

    I just threw up in my mouth….

    Bad: pulling the handle will get you steep. Driving with the lower body will get your upper body behind and likely get you stuck. So much bad there.

  3. Ryan

    Oh my. That’s awful.

    Some very wise person once said it is not a cast if you are turning right?

  4. Jp

    Can’t fathom how a “master pga pro” can’t distinguish between cause and effect.

  5. Scott

    Aside from him using the “pull the handle” words, isn’t what he is saying akin to your bump, dump and turn video?

  6. Chris

    Somehow an inside out baseball swing has to coorelate to a golf swing, but it doesn’t, or at least I haven’t been able to do it. At some point replicating the snapping of a barrel disappears as you bend at the waist into a golf swing. Is it because weight stays back swinging a bat but transfers to the frontside in a golf swing? I can “feel” completely loaded swinging a bat, but can’t consistently “feel” loaded in golf.

    Pulling the handle to maintain lag advised in this video is the perfect example of a failed attempt to snap the head thru like an inside out baseball swing. Thoughts?

  7. Games

    Hey Monte. Kind of a mixed message, which is bad for students.

    First, he says uncocking of the wrists is the source of power in the golf swing. Too bad this is the first thing he says. Because to a student it screams “focus here.” Also, advocating ACTIVE hold of the lag is going to make the muscles tense and slow down the swing.

    In his defense, he later says that the knees start the downswing. And, as you know, starting with the lower body is a great focus. Should have been the first thing he said…

  8. Paul

    He’s playing checkers, you’re playing chess. No disrespect to him but he’s a lazy thinker and posterboy for what’s wrong with golf instruction. Note the exaggerated lower body move he uses to make the point about what starts the downswing and all the bad things that happen after that move. (You know what I think about that.)

    I have this image of you walking the range with a pooper scooper and plastic bag. You get to clean up after this guy, unfortunately there’s just not enough hours in the day.

  9. Kip

    I get it… I just won’t cast.

  10. Scott

    That’s a fake fish.

  11. Michael C.

    I am right handed -writing, swinging a hammer, playing pool, tennis, throwing a ball. I played hockey and baseball left handed and now golf also. My point being, I back hand the ball in my golf swing with my top (right) hand by pulling on the club. My weight shifts and I pull with my hands because my right hand is dominant. If my trail hand was dominant, I could see fighting the cast because I would want to apply power too early with my dominant hand. (Consequently, Hogan was left handed.) I don’t cast because of this. My current handicap is 3.1.

    Cliche – “Our hands are our only connection to the club.” Correct.

    You swing the club with your hands. Pulling with the hands moves them in front of your body but you should pull with the outside of your lead hand and your trail elbow as you ‘bump’ your hips slightly towards the target. Leading with the trail elbow only will get the elbow in front of your hip but, if you don’t pull with your top hand, you won’t ‘shut the window’ and hit too far from the inside and/or not square the clubface. The trail elbow shouldn’t chase. It plants and acts as a fulcrum as you continue to turn and pull. All this is based, of course, on proper set up, forward tilt, secondary tilt, turning your shoulders 90 degrees to your forward tilt, staying behind the ball with your upper body, staying in your forward tilt, blah, blah, blah……and not humping the goat.( I can’t keep her back legs in my boots anyway)

    The golf swing is a baseball swing on a different plane. The only difference is forward tilt because you hit the ball off the ground instead of thigh high. The longest hitters in golf are transferring their weight yes, but, if you measured the force their feet are putting on the ground, the scales would show that their weight is more back than forward at impact.

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not an instructor. I’m offering these opinions for debate/discussion

    • Michael C.

      I’m not advocating being aggressive with the hands but they’re not passive. Everything in sync.

  12. Calvin

    I like the guy. He’s teaching a secondary tilt obviously.
    His swing looks good. He probably is a very good teacher.

  13. CB Idaho

    It’s just the dominant paradigm… which, thanks to you, we now know is bs

  14. Don Lissen

    Casting. Watch the fishing pole. It’s a right arm movement. I say that for a pro-type swing, he’s right. You don’t want the right arm leading the swing.

    Unfortunately, he said a lot of other things which taken literally are misleading.

  15. Peter

    That guy probably has a pretty good understanding of what a good swing LOOKS like, he just has a very bad way of expressing how most people should learn to DO it.

  16. IPM

    From my perspective, he isn’t sure about what is causing what. Casting is bad. But casting is not a cause; it is an effect. Casting is what happens when your hips don’t turn and you release the club. If your hips are turning, then there is no reason to hold the lag. Lag is created by “holding” anything. It is created by releasing things (hips, club, etc) in the proper sequence.


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