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I’ll surprise you on the order , but…transition (with video), a video that goes along with the chipping post from a few weeks ago, hand set (with video) and video on where your hands and club exit after impact. Like spine angle changes it is a very good thing to help diagnose a problem.

I will eventually get to everything that has been requested on the comments and message board. Don’t feel slighted if I haven’t done your request yet. My brain works in mysterious ways and sometimes better thoughts on some subjects come to me faster than others.

Today’s thought is just about that subject. What to think about when you play and this is just a first step of ideas. You already know you are not allowed more than one swing thought.

Find a mental approach that relaxes you and prepares you to enjoy the day. A mental approach that attaches emotions to your golf score does not work…so find something like puppies, your on year old son running full speed and tackling you…or some really hot movie star running naked on the beach.

If you were offended by the last comment, you definitely aren’t having enough fun when you play golf.

I promise you all, more fun leads to lower scores more than anything else.




  1. Peter Balogh

    He of course means this oldie:

  2. Michael

    Hahahaha So that’s how the pros win tournaments. They don’t think one shot of a time, they think of Bo Derek running on the beach! Damn you media for twisting the approach into something completely different.

  3. seveonsunday

    HAHAHA I was going to request what we should think about on the course, how possibly we can get our dirving range swings/mentality to work on the course better. I guess you beat me to the punch and I guess its corn rows? I can hit pretty well on the range, but usually my swing goes south on me while playing, I hit everything thin and short to the right. What can I do to hit like I hit on the range on the course? I suppose its a mental thing.


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