Now I need some advice.

I have gotten several emails about having the blog, along with more of my thoughts and stories collated and made into a book. Of course I was flattered, but have no idea on how to go about this or have any contacts in the publishing industry. Anyone who has experience with this or knows someone who knows someone…I would appreciate any guidance you could give me.

I would be disingenuous if I said I had no interest in the monetary gain from such a project, but I can honestly say my first priority is to get the word out to a wider audience. I reiterate that I want golf to be more fun for the golfing public and I think my approach could help a lot of people improve their relationship with the game.

This would probably put me in the category of the DVD and book salesman that I have criticized here so often here, but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire…wow, a cliche, I am becoming a hypocrite already. 😮




  1. HisAirness

    Hello Monte,

    I can’t give you any help for the publishing but I want to talk about the last passage of your text.

    You’re right that you criticized often and lots of the Pro’s who are into the DVD and book sales business. Indeed you’re right in the points you criticized them. You show in your YouTube videos and in your messages here in the blog that you’re far away from becoming a hypocrite. Don’t change your style and everything is good.

    Your way to describe the important things simple and your way putting the focus on the basics to avoid mistakes from the very beginning and not to fix a fault in the middle of the mistake chain helped me a lot. And it let you stand out from the rest.

    I hope you understand what I mean – unfortunately my english isn’t better.

    Best regards


  2. s

    There is the possibility of doing an e-book. Once you have a core body of work, you can package access to it. People pay to get access to it, and they are eligible for all updates and additions.

    Mike Maves did this, and he has some very unique (screwy) videos to build it around.:

    The trick is making it special and appealing in its own way, setting it apart from the others. Maves did this with a dork and a dog. And now he’s using Steve Elkington, and I don’t see how that helps either, but I guess it gives him some credibility.

  3. Les

    Or, you could charge a monthly, quarterly or annual fee where we could view your videos and have access to a forum where you participate. Keep the amount reasonable and your integrity intact. Or, just charge forum participants a fee when they send you a video of their swing and you critque it and give them advice on how to improve or correct a specific problem THEY are having.

    Personally I would vote for option 2.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t want to charge a fee for the blog. I just want to reach a broader audience.

      • Les

        Fix Charles Barkley and you will reach more people than you could possibly want.

  4. Monte Scheinblum

    To Les…if he gave me a chance, I bet I could help him. He needs a more simple approach, not the laundry list of crap Haney gave him. I saw him hit balls about 10 years ago and he wasn’t that bad. all of the mechanical BS he has been told is what ruined him.

  5. bobinpa

    Monte, I can’t offer you advice on publishing but I will say that what you are currently doing between the blog, WRX, youtube, etc…is the best way to expand your audience (IMO). If you have something worth listening to (and you do) people will come. See how your website and on-line lessons progress. That will tell you where to go next. Just my .02!

    By the way, if I can add a personal highlight here to explain what I mean above, I stumbled across your blog in mid-November of last year. I enjoyed your way of explaining things and took to it immediately. I stopped playing at that time (weather) and practiced your teachings in my garage on an old carpet with a mirror on the wall. I went out today for the first time since November in 40F windy conditions to see where I was at. Without any practice time pre-round I shot a tidy 72. If not for some very inconsistent pitching I could have broken par. Drives were stripped down the center with hardly any effort. Irons were crisp with a slight draw (and I haven’t played a draw in a dozen years). Can’t wait for those short game videos and can’t thank you enough!


    • Monte Scheinblum

      That’s what i like to hear about your game…and thank you for your opinion.

  6. Boris

    Hey Monte…Im a total beginner in golf from German, accidentally found your blog, meanwhile read it all, and Im thrilled by the good, plausible approach you’re taking to golf training for the non-top-players. I think you may have immunized me against a whole world of shit that could have turned my coming golf years sour.

    Id be glad if this advice concerning a book is somewhat helpful: if you have no contact to the book publishing scene its probably very difficult to have a book published the traditional way—however, for a couple of years now, there is an alternative way that works very well if you can do the marketing yourself: Books on Demand, also called Print on Demand. It works like this: You write your book, you design it yourself, and you upload the book files to the website of a company that is doing this service. They will have your book being accessible at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc in a way that everyone interested can order the book. Anytime someone orders your book, one single copy gets printed and sent to the the buyer. The entire thing costs you almost nothing, the company doing it takes a share of the sellings. If you want to look into it, is one large company doing this. A friend of mine is publishing his books there and he only made good experiences. But: You really have to do the marketing yourself…thats crucial, cause else you dont sell anything.

  7. Peter Balogh

    Monte if you write a Book it must be entertaining. Write it about your golfing career, I am sure you have more funny stories on the nationwide and on the course. If no then forget it as you need them as package for your ideas. If you write a book, do not make it a teaching book make it a funny book where the reader understands the simple way of golf on your example and the hard way with overteaching.

  8. ric

    Michael Jacobs and Brian Manzella both sell downloadable videos on thier websites and sell them at reasonable rates. they make good money doing it.
    check them out.

  9. Bob34


    There’s kind of a catch 22 here, if you produce a book or DVD it will be hard not to make it look like a system. One of the best DVD’s ever is Chuck Quinton’s original “Swing Plane Made Simple and it was hugely simple; Bend over from the hips and make a baseball swing at the ground is the basic premise. A lot of people had tremendous initial success with this and his site became very popular. In order to increase popularity, he’s done more and more videos and changed swing systems at least 3 times. He’lll tell you the old stuff is still there but whenever anyone asks a question about the old system, they’re referred to his latest system which is sooo complicated very few understand it as well as it’s contradictory. There are already more than 1/2 dozen of us that have migrated here looking to get back to simple. A long with all that, the more videos you do beyound the basics, the more people you’ll potentially harm than help. It’s taken me a long time to figure out but paying attention to generic video instruction that doesn’t apply to me specifically, is the worst thing I can do. IMHO, If you keep doing the blog and message board, people will come and then keep your video lessons inexpensive as you are it wont take much time to get the word out. Speaking of video lessons, I’d offer a couple pieces of advice for what they’re worth;
    1. Put an example of a lesson you’ve given on the swing surgeon web site.
    2. Consder using V1 home 2.0 so you can show yourself performing what you want the sutdent to do while also showing the students swing right next to yours. The basic version is free and the version to do swings side by side costs about $40.00
    3. Change the Swing Surgeon name, Don Trahan has been using that for years. That’ll get you all kinds of bad publicity from his students although your teaching is nothing like his.
    4. It’s a good thing getting your instruction on youtube. So far you’ve done a great job of explaining your baisc philosophy as well as your instruction; if you do this then you need to do that. Conversely if that then you need to do this. IMHO, you need to be a bit careful there. I think it’s better just to get people to take a lesson than get specific about cures to general ills. This way your sure of helping that individual and not inadvertantly screwing someone else up because that advice in the lesson is great for Bob but if Greg gets a hold of it, it would totally screw him up. That’s happened to me a lot.

    All of this is just my .$02. FWIW and I wish you the best of luck.

    BTW: Lesson from me coming soon.



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