This makes no sense

Every week the WINNER on the PGA tour averages 30-35 feet from the hole on approach shots for the week.

Yet during lessons, I often have mid handicappers hit a ball 40 feet and ask in disgust why they hit the shot so far offline?!?!?!???




  1. Robert Johansson

    Its due to not knowing what the game actually requires.
    people believe the Pro´s are so good evangelic even and godlike, but once they check the facts and figures they are able to do it better, lot off misinformation from TV and golf PGA teachers. However to make them check the facts and figures and adjust their perception and belief that what golf really is about is a lot to take for most.

    I mean even good Pro´s listen to the wrong swing gurus then tis not hard to get that an amateur have less chance to make a “informed decision”.

    I find your take good on the subject, but dude why not just make the game easier for yourself? I dont care much about why things dont work for others, I will figure out how it should work for me, and that people believe things they do is up to them.
    I laugh inside my head when I talk to golf trainers, I shake my head in disbelief, the game is hard enough why not make it a little easier?
    Why not smile a lot more out there? Enjoy being healthy, able to swing the way you want, make the shots required, see the ball vanish way beyond the people you play with when you let one go and telling people your going for it before you pull it off is fun so fun as even pro´s have a hard time doing what they tell others to do.
    Then make the chip, make the putt, smile and get ready for next.
    Gearing up to be awesome out there. Legendary wait for it Awesome. 😉

    Go kick some ass is all I say!

  2. Andrew from Addis

    Monte, I do not know where you get that stat from; it would be fascinating to know how many are inside 10 feet, how many 10-30, 30-60 and outside 60. I suspect that amateurs look at the inside 10 feet shots and think that this is the norm for tour pros (TV coverage does not help here as many bad shots are simply not shown).

    I also suspect that the tour pro’s percentage inside 30 feet is ten times what a mid handicapper could do. Someone averaging 30-35 feet is probably getting over half inside 30.

  3. sssc (@sssc)

    i think most peeps also believe that the “majority” of the guys on tour hit the ball over 300 yrds. when in fact, only about 17 ish actually average over 300!

    • Robert Johansson

      they dont want to go long due to loosing accuracy, any of those I seen can hit it longer but going all out and maxing isn’t golf due to it will affect consistency. once your long enough (Luke Donald) and accept it, you can score.

  4. John Brady

    Statistics can be decieving.
    Most tournement winners will have a higher than average percentage of reaching 600 yard par 5’s in 2 and GIR on long difficult par 4s. Not to mention GIR on 200-220+ yard tricky par 3s. Add the tough/fast tour conditions greens and inside of 10 feet on shots like those are tough/rare no matter how good the player. Now when the green is missed and it takes another MUCH shorter shot to the pin it will be much more likely for any tour player to get inside of 10. So, under tour conditions, a higher percentage of GIR will generally mean a longer average on the green to the hole stat. Missed GIR (or GIR on par 5s) will generate a lesser number.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The guys missing the cut get into the high 40’s and 50’s.

  5. mike

    where/when is Frank going to qualify for the US Open? Thanks

  6. Calvin

    That’s comforting but I probably average 30 to 35 yards from the pin in reg.
    Not really but it feels like it sometimes. You do illustrate a pet theory of mine:
    that golf, if you have just acceptable distance is really a pitch and putt game.

    Ams would be a lot happier if we practiced hard at only pitching and putting.

    • Andrew from Addis

      So true – When I first started playing I took a few lessons. After about three my pro said he never wanted to see me on the range again unless I was warming up for a round. A load of short game practice got me down to 10 in 8 months or so. Wish I was wise enought still to do this 🙁

  7. Bob Saunders

    PGA tour averages 30-35 feet from the hole on approach shots for the week.

    That sounds pretty darn good to me. When you consider approach shots any shot they can get to the green on. That is really good.

    I think the difference is when you are on the practice tee with a 100 yard target, a 40 foot miss is more significant. Especially after you have hit a few good ones, then the 40 foot clunker.


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