This guy needs a hug

and an intervention. I am honestly not making fun of him. I feel bad that he is misguided and I can empathize, because I have been there. He is the poster child for what modern golf instruction does to your brain.

He could have a decent swing and game if he wasn’t so wrapped up in cliches…or if he actually knew what they meant.

At one point he refers to having lots of lag, yet says he lacks forward shaft lean. Umm…never mind.

What he doesn’t realize is what he lists as positives are creating all of the negatives he wants to get rid of…which is exactly what this ridiculous menagerie of swing ideas and systems do to us.

I think this thread is going to get out of hand.





  1. Calvin D

    Hmmm. Maybe needs more than a hug. Swing is like Raymond Floyd imitating Ben Hogan. He probably plays okay with that action. It shows that you can play the game doing any number of contortions. Do you have any influence Monte?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I wish I could get him to stop all this check list analysis, as it is intrusive and much of it is wrong.

      As you say, he has a decent action.

  2. rojoass

    I have to have a bag in front of me when I read things like this. How many readers here still subscribe to golf magazines & change your approach every month ?

    El Yuko…….

  3. Doug B

    I think you should adopt him, Monte. The kid is flexible and probably a good athlete. He might become really good with the proper approach. He could be your karate kid…wax on/wax off.

  4. Gunnar

    Hi Monte,
    I really appreciate it that you are able to empathize with that guy, as I think that empathy for the other person (and position) should always be the beginning of conversation if you want to broaden the horzion of the other person.
    It´s very difficult and also not very enjoyable when you talk to people (about whatever) and tell them that they really suck and do bad stuff all the time (even if you actually think so). This will create defense in the other person and he/ she will just see you as a “enemy” that tries to harm him/ her.
    Better try to put oneself into the position of the other person and soon one can realize that he/she does the best that he/ she is able to do (from his/her point of view).
    When you show that you can see the opinion/position of the other person, he/she won`t see you as an “enemy” anymore but the person will be able to have a closer look at your position/opinion and then will probably see that your apporach to the golfswing (or whatever one talks about) is quite good!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Thank you G.

      I always try to reiterate that I am never trying to look down at everyone from the mountain top when they are struggling, as I have had every problem they have already.

  5. Wally

    Monte, its’s not only golf instruction it’s also equipment manufacturers. Today I played with MR. and MRS R11 who kept making adjustments to their drivers, and they couldn’t figure out why this 66 year old man fifteen years their senior kept hitting that 1980 Powerbuilt persimmon driver 235yds down the middle all day my fairway wood today was a 1965 Wilson, didn’t miss a shot with that either. I like to use the old stuff once a month anyway. Adjusting your clubs during a round, isn’t that against the rules?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You are correct.

      That is ridiculous. I am going to make fun of Mr. and Mrs. R11 at a later time.

  6. Dave

    I am yet to ever see my swing on video. The guy I play most of my golf with, we know each others swing better than ours own. We manage to keep each other on track without needing a checklist. Both of us are mid 70s shooters. Can be higher of lower depending on whether we remembered to bring a short game with us.

    • Doug B

      Actually video, if used sensibly, can be a help sometimes. I think that all the fancy analysis software is probably a waste of time for most of us, and the analysis can be way overdone, but a simple video shot from two angles with a cheap camera and looked at with the free Quick Time player can be very revealing. I just did a video lesson with Monte and he was able to point out a setup flaw that I was totally unaware of. His trained eye saw it right away. But I know where you’re coming from with your comment. Golf has always been a game where it’s easy to screw up – nowadays we can screw up in a much more high tech and expensive way.


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