The Wells Fargo

My Wells Fargo account needs more money in it so I can buy food and cloths for my two babies…so buy more lessons. 😀

Just kidding.

I know it’s an old joke for me, but with Na, Holmes and Byrd among the leaders, what will happen first…the end of this golf tournament or Tiger fires Sean Foley…or Sean Foley fires Tiger. Wait…the thing we are going to wait the longest for is Tiger not buckling his knees every time a putt has the gall not to go in.

That is really why he has knee problems. All of the “knee whining” he has done during his career.

…or even longer, me not being a chop anymore and finally shooting a decent round in a golf tournament again. See, even I cannot escape my mean spirited wit.

I didn’t get to watch any golf, so I offer this instead.


I was at a demo day on Saturday and had some requests to hit a few trick shots. Someone had a camera setup and caught a few of them.




  1. s

    That was neat.

    But, I know the trick to all of them: just maintain your spine angle, and stay on plane.

  2. Geoff Duncan

    I couldn’t believe Byrd. How does the tour let something like that happen. I like to ask Perez his opinion.

      • carrera

        Slow play maybe? There wasn’t much love in Perez and Byrd’s quick handshake on 18.

      • Mike from Canada

        Yeah, that handshake was cold… was it for slow play? Byrd was very slow the last few holes but he was in trouble on 16 and 17 and then was very deliberate on 18 b/c he had to make a birdie. If Perez was upset about the pace on those 3 holes then he’s really an ass….. I have read that he is an ass.

  3. Wally

    Moste, this video shows what golf is all about “HAVING FUN”. If people would just go out and have more fun they would get better at golf. Thanks Monte


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