The Sony Open

I have to admit I didn’t watch it, nor did I DVR it and I was unable to see any highlights.

So I will comment on something that everyone is talking about. Matt Every.

For those who didn’t see the interview on The Golf Channel, he was asked about his suspension and drug arrest.

It made me really angry watching this. I don’t know the guy, he may be a very nice guy, but I am going to editorialize something.

You basically have three choices when something like this happens. You can say “No comment.”

You can own up to it and say you made a mistake, whether you believe it or not…or you stand your ground and make an intelligent political statement.

He did none of the above and made a complete ass of himself and set a bad example for __________ (some many things I can’t list them all).

Tiger stays out of race issues and that’s his choice. That is better than making rash and ignorant comments on the subject and getting both sides all riled up.

Some golfers choose to say the politically correct things about Tiger, while others speak their minds about him and his game. All good with me.

Say something safe, say something intelligent, or say nothing at all, but don’t say something stupid.

Look, we are all hypocrites at some point in our lives, but those who at least make an effort to avoid hypocrisy as much as possible get my respect. I am often a hypocrite, but I make an honest effort to avoid it as much as possible…that being the case, I will end with this.

This whole article was prompted by my anger and bitterness that a guy with a Northern Latitude IQ was leading a Tour event and given a voice and and it is my own fault that I was not there giving that interview (or one like it) instead of him, because I ruined my game.

How’s that for self introspection and honesty?

Now let’s see if I can un-ruin it…and un-ruin everyone else in the process.

Sorry, but sometimes I just get pissed.




  1. Wally

    We Sicilians have one thing to say “OMERTA”

  2. woody

    I don’t know the circumstances of his run-in with the authorities. Perhaps he had cause to be bitter.

    I will give you one concession: I believe he said that more people smoke marijuana than don’t smoke marijuana. I found that questionable.

    My take on the matter is that he shot himself in the foot as far as endorsement $$.

    • Calvin

      I thought his answers were as honest as an immature and naive persons could be.
      Regular use of weed that starts at an early age aborts the process of maturation and it is typical for users to be defensive and to divert responsibility. Maybe this will kick start him into some self appraisal that helps him. But I doubt it.

    • Jason

      “My take on the matter is that he shot himself in the foot as far as endorsement $$.”

      Maybe not…If the right spin is put on things, his honestly could be refreshing…and if golf wanted to do a bit of targeted advertising to the overlapping categories of those sympathetic to marijuana and golfers, the segment might be bigger than many think…

      There are loads of jokes around grass, hits and 5 footers, but I’m going to leave that stuff for the comedians.

  3. MSGolfer

    Can’t agree with you here. He did give honest answers, the problem is most people don’t want to hear those answers. He seemed very uncomfortable I think because he was blindsided by a question that was based off incorrect information, so what is he going to do, get in a spat with Kelly Tillman about being arrested vs. convicted vs. suspension for conduct vs. never failing a drug test? He definitely could have handed it better, but I think Kelly was the real loser in that interview, do your homework before you’re imparting your opinion on an issue your interviewee doesn’t agree with.

    • gteasy

      Gotta agree with MSG…it’s painful to watch and listen to Kelly, a cross between Jim Gray and Barbara Walters…she blindsided the tournament leader with a ‘none of your business’ PROBE, like she’s Mother Theresa…do PGA members have to talk to this
      little, precious, nobody?…I would have liked Matt to suggest that marijuana should be legalized and taxed like cigarettes…he was articulate in that he was honest.

  4. Jason

    I don’t disagree that he handled it sub-optimally…. That said, the reporter in question continues to treat people poorly. Why she still has a job is beyond me after the :”lynching” issue.

    That said, I’ll give the kid credit. He was refreshingly honest. It may not be PC…it may not be a good example…but at least it was honest. Much better than some of the frauds out there, on tour, and in other areas of the public eye.

    • Shallowface

      I’m confused.

      On the one hand you think an announcer should have been fired for a non-PC attempt at some humor (a lame one, without a doubt), which is all the “lynching” NON-issue was.

      Then you applaud Every, who is admittedly enormously talented but a complete doofus, for not being PC.

      Just a bit inconsistent.

      • Jason

        No – I hold a member of the media who drives a conversation and has time to think about her actions to a different standard than an athlete who is doing the media and the fans a favor by coming to do an interview where he has no idea what is being asked. I’m saying he didn’t handle it great…but I do appreciate the honestly. There was no honesty in saying that people who want to beat Tiger should lynch him.

        The exact quote – to be fair – “Young players who wanted to challenge Tiger Woods should lynch him in a back alley”.

        Sorry – that’s not an attempt at humor anywhere I come from. I’m not a fan of Tiger. I’m not one who plays the race card. But I hold members of the media to a different standard than the jocks they interview.

      • Shallowface

        First off, you need to understand that it’s highly likely Kelly was ordered to ask Every that question by her producer. What should she do, tell him no? People complain about GC and the softballs they lob at Tiger, and then they ask someone a tough question and now they’re complaining about that too.

        Second, athletes do interviews for one reason and one reason only. Self promotion. They aren’t doing anyone any favors other than themselves and their sponsors. That’s what made Every’s interview an epic fail. He made himself and everyone associated with him look like Beavis and Butthead.

        Finally, do you really think Kelly advocates lynching Tiger Woods? It was a poor attempt at a joke, nothing more, and the many who like nothing more than to see someone’s head roll over such a mistake are still upset that she’s employed.

        That, and the fact that they don’t like a woman on a golf telecast. “No Girlz Alowed In My Clubhouse.”

  5. bobs34

    It was a dumb interview for all concerned. It’s even dumber the producers decided to air it. No value what-so-ever…

  6. Jason

    I didn’t know there was another Jason on here.

  7. Jason


  8. rojoass

    My kudos to Every. He told the truth. I like it.

    If yer fat I’m not gonna walk up & tell you yer fat…………but you better not ask me.

    remember wise man………..a pig with lipstick is still a pig.


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