The slide

This has been demonized as much as anything, but possibly “over the top.”

Which is ironic because the lack of a slide is often involved in creating an OTT…along with a backswing that is too far inside.

The hips must move laterally to initiate the down swing. It’s what starts the weight shift and keeps you from snatching the club with the hands.

The slide never causes any of the problems it is blamed for. It is right there with “keep your head down” as one of those cliches that is blamed for everything by golfers who don’t really know what is causing the problems. A kind of catch all.

Often, the real core issue that is causing all of the problems the slide is blamed for is a loss of connection between the left arm and left side coming into impact…but there are many reasons and issues the slide gets the bad rap for.

Any time you hear someone blame bad shots on a slide, you can pretty much questions their political and religious beliefs as well.




  1. wally

    This is all way above my head, it’s like explaining quantum physics to a fifth grader

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That’s good Wally. Like I always say…only use what makes sense to you.

  2. Calvin

    Would you agree that the slide should not carry the head with it?

  3. s.

    Is the slide a lateral move, or is there rotation with it? Maybe different strokes for different folks, but “weight shift” without rotation doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      it’s a slight lateral move then the turn happens almost immediately.

  4. meateater

    Monte, I have to say I have some issues with this one. I think it goes down to a typical problem pros have instructing guys who take up golf as adults. Things you take for granted, things that are part of your muscle memory, are just not there for the rest of us. I played a lot of bat and ball sports, and when I hear hip slide, weight shift, etc, it is a far more nuanced concept in golf, and very easy to overdo.
    In my own case, I have to say one of my primary swing keys is turning my front hip and not letting it slide. I think most of the great swings in history have done the same thing.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Again, not all posts are for all people. I post the same information several different ways, trying to reach everyone.

  5. Calvin

    I would like to see more on the “connection between the left arm and side coming to impact”. What is and what is not.


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