The Secret to an Efficient Golf Swing

Swing a shallow shaft to the left. (right handed golfer)

Problem is most pop culture golf instruction is about creating lag, holding it and swinging to right field.

Is that going to create anything but a steep shaft swinging right? Well we have right field, so that’s half. Don’t most lag creating mechanisms involve pulling the handle in some capacity? What % of golfers can pull the handle and not steepen the shaft? I know I can’t.

Sounds like the diametric opposition to what’s good…because I don’t think many who know what they are talking about would argue that swinging a shallow shaft left is anything but good.

I think I will be thesis driven and show how all the pop cliches create a steep shaft, or swinging too far right or both…while using my ideas and show how they produce a shallow shaft moving left.

Nothing like circular logic to make yourself look like a genius. I figured I’d be just as good of a marketer as everyone else.

Soap box tangent done.

Back to the original point.

Swing shallow shaft left…good.

Swing steep shaft right…bad.

You know how I know? I swung a steep shaft right for 25 years.

See what I did there? :-D




  1. jean dufour

    Isn’t the whole debate about lag blurred by the fact that most”experts” only talk about lag in the vertical plane? Indeed shallow left means lag in the horizontal plane too. And you need lag in both planes to insure a resulting acceleration on the swing plane isnt’it?


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