The right hip goes up

This is a huge problem for golfers. The ones that get too far inside and over the top. The ones that get the club behind them and pull the club steep. The ones who have hips that over rotate and are told by morons to restrict their hip turn.

If you start with tilt and you turn your shoulders close to 90* to your spine…the right hip will go up in the backswing. If the right hip goes up, range of motion naturally restricts hip turn, so you can turn them as freely as you want.

For some people who like the feel of the lower body turning back, you definitely want to feel that right hip going up.

If you have a very flat shoulder turn and don’t know how to fix it, this feel is a great way of changing that.

If the right hip goes up, it makes it more likely the lower body will work properly and your whole body to unwind in sequence during the transition.

I know there will be questions and comments, so there will be more about this tomorrow.




  1. woody

    This is good observation for a couple of reasons. First, “If the right hip goes up, range of motion naturally restricts hip turn, so you can turn them as freely as you want.”

    If you are thinking right “hip” (for me, bun), the entire weight of the left side is just reactionary, and will block excess “hip turn.” And, the simultaneous swing also puts a natural check on excess rotation.

    The other good thing is that you put the knock on Kostis for criticizing this: (Ian Poulter)

    A bad thing about it is the it could be interpreted to mean “up” as two-dimensional back-and-forth. This is a good video to put a cursor on the right bun, to see how the “up” is in the context of rotation. The “up” comes from the swing during rotation.

    And, no, Kostis–he is not firing his knee and leg–it’s his bun, the most massive muscle in his body causing rotation, and the leg being in a helping role. If it was his leg, he’d lurch forward instead of rotate.

  2. Calvin

    Monte, are you trying to trick us into picking up the pipe? I won’t do it, I won’t do it, I won’t do it,………….

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I would never do that. Just trying to point out how the body works.

      • Calvin

        OK I will wait for the details. I can think of some really bad ways to make the right hip go up.

  3. Mike Z

    You’ve basically described my main swing fault, so I am eager to see tomorrow’s post for more detail on this topic before I take it to the range.

  4. Brian

    I always get conflicting opinions on this issue. Should hips and shoulders both start rotating at the beginning of the backswing or should the hip turn be slightly delayed?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Delaying the hip turn restricts the hip turn.


      • Brian


  5. Brian

    I’m not sure if you’ve discussed this previously, but is straightening of the right leg really an issue?


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