The Red Tee Challenge

I challenge all of you…and for you in turn to challenge 4 people you’d most want to see do this. The screen shot of my drive is below and to show proof I am not blowing air, a shot of my donation. 351.6 yards is the baseline number for the challenge.

image image








  1. pcb_duffer

    I would accept the challenge, but I don’t want to demonstrate my inadequacies in so public a way.

  2. Jake Gilmer

    Great idea. I will have to do this for sure. I’m all about supporting the men and women who defend our freedom. Nice poke out there, but you did sort of wuss out and half-a$$ the ice bucket part of the challenge lol

    • Jake G

      Only squeezed out 283yds on my attempt. Rounded up to 100.00 donation for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (IFHF). Thanks for the great idea Monte

  3. Salvatico

    Show me how to get my ss back to 110+ so I can poke it back out to 315 again and ill pay $630 to whatever charity you want as long as you pick one where less than 30% goes to organizational structure.

  4. sa79

    well I think everybody is too scared to try this challenge…

  5. Geoff Dickson

    I thought you would have cargo pants underneath.


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