The object is to hit wedges close not far

I have written about this many times and recently, but I am doing it again because I see so many people taking back swings to parallel with wedges.

People will tell me, “That is how far I hit them when I make a smooth full swing.”

That is the operative word…”full”

I am sure some of you can hit PW 140, SW 115 and LW 100…but why would you want to?

When I take a full swing with PW, I can hit it 150 yards. That is not excessively hard, just a full back swing and 80% effort, yet I rarely hit PW from over 135 on the course.

The reason is I take a shorter back swing, so I am not hitting it so hard so it is easier to control spin and trajectory…and that is what you should all be doing.

If you are hitting a hybrid from 200 yards and 7 iron 160-165 and your PW from 135…you are hitting it too hard with too long of a swing.

…and in all likelihood, many of you have back swings that are too long period and hitting the ball all arms and hands.

The shorter your swing is, the more likely you are to link it up…with any club.




  1. Ron

    So can we assume it is more important, or equally important, to know the distance we hit PW, SW, LW, 9i, 8i at shorter back swings like three quarter and half?


  2. Wally

    the object of wedges is to get the ball close to the pin period

  3. BP

    Tried your suggestion last week. I can hit a “full” PW 120. I had 2 occasions where I had 100 to pin. I chose PW and dialed back my swing to 3/4. Stuck it to 5 ft on both occasions. Thanks Monte!

  4. Calvin

    I don’t understand why that concept is so hard for players to grasp. Even some good players can’t get it. Any shot on the course offers options for club selection and swing arc and shot shape. You should try to pick a combination that helps your chances.
    Nobody else really cares how far you can hit your PW.

  5. cdnmike

    My only problem is that when I dial back a PW to 130 or so I get a traj that is low. It’s more of a knock down. This is fine for mid or back pins but tough to get close to front pins with it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Then it’s OK to dial it up a hair, when you want more trajectory and more spin.

  6. Sean

    “If you are hitting a hybrid from 200 yards and 7 iron 160-165 and your PW from 135…you are hitting it too hard with too long of a swing.”

    I (think I) know what you’re getting at, but does this statement depend a little bit on skill level? I.e. would this thought apply equally to a 3-4 handicap who smooths it with a naturally fast swing speed vs. a 12-15 who’s trying to swing out of his shoes every shot?

  7. Doug B

    Things that seem simple in golf seldom are. Shortening the backswing for me requires a lot of concentration. My backswing is longer than what it feels and it’s so easy for me to overswing (have my arms continue to rise beyond the completion of my shoulder turn – which results in swing death stuckness) . I have to feel like I’m taking my left arm only to back to parallel in order to accomplish the proper (for me) backswing. In actuality the left arm end up a little higher than parallel (around 10:00), but it feels shorter.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It does with respect to better players generally don’t swing as hard. However, skill level is not relevent.

  8. Bob Saunders

    Once again, Monte speaks the truth.


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