The Next Golf Channel Instructor audition video

First off, a few details.

I sent my video in 3 weeks ago and have no idea why it has not been posted. In the interim I sent a letter Express Mail and it was signed for so I know they received it. I asked if there was a reason why my video hadn’t been posted and if I needed to do it over again and resubmit it because there was something wrong with it. I enclosed phone number and email address.

I read and reread the “official rules” and I complied with every word of it.

I have heard nothing from anyone.

My first instinct was to do a fancy schmancy video like some of the other entrants did. Two or three cameras, editing, etc. I spoke to someone involved in reality TV and they told me not to do that.

Good advice or bad I was told to think of an actor reading tape I had ever seen. Plain, sitting in a chair and reading the lines with a blank wall behind them and poor lighting. The producers want to see how a person looks in front of a camera and not how they look with fancy editing.

I was also told if they want to do any editing, a raw video is easier to work with. I just wanted you all to know why my video was so bare bones and that I took this seriously. Plus, in all the official rules, nowhere did it say anything about quality of the video editing, so I took this person’s advice.

I hope you enjoy it. For most of you, the info is not new, but the attire and delivery is.




  1. Falcondriver

    I think that you did a real nice job there Monte. Very simple and informative as always. Every time that I start getting all caught/tangled up in swing mechanics, I come back to this basic and insightful drill. Really simplifies things and gets me back to swinging freely. Good luck with the show, I think your advice would help thousands of golfers!

  2. Calvin D

    Great job Monte. Don’t worry about the golf channel. I suspect there will be internal politics involved and the winner will be a player and I don’t mean golf player. They would do well to choose you though and maybe someone there is intelligent enough to see it. Great job.

  3. David

    Thank God the cargo shorts are gone and you look like a genuine golf pro !

  4. wuz

    My honest opinion is that you remained true to yourself and your down to earth swing theory.
    My guess is that you would have a much better chance had you mentioned that you cannot play good golf
    unless you buy all off the clubs and gadget crap that the Golf Channel hawks on a daily basis.


  5. s.

    Two of your points were very good: 1) the biggest problem golfers have is un-learning things, and 2) many desirable things will happen (forearms and hands rolling over, etc.) if you LET them happen rather than MAKE them happen. That’s why your kid swings so well.

    Plane? I think it’s like having training wheels on a bike. You’re not really riding the bike until you get rid of the training wheels. I’m curious about whether any pro actually thinks of plane when striking a ball. I suspect that it’s all hand-eye coordination. But, I did have a theory that the Euros dominated the Ryder Cup because they didn’t have all of the “plane” instruction to overcome.

    Over the top? I think it starts with the idea of “taking the club away.” You’re already cooked at that point if you’re trying to do it with hands and arms because those muscles aren’t powerful enough to move your body. Better in my opinion to have some type of “inside moves the outside” type of thought.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You made my points for me. People are so concerned with being on plane, they manipulate the club into positions in the backswing.

      The Mike Weir half swing and watch move taking place on every range in the world.

      Again, people so concerned with over the top, they start manipulating the club.

      This drill gets it done by feel so you stop thinking about it and doing it manually.

  6. Brett Picotte

    It’s scary that the video isn’t posted on their site. I hope they didn’t screw up your entry.

  7. banner12


    Maybe this is the reason is has not been posted:

    “You must be a certified professional golf instructor.”

    That means jumping through all the hoops, going to classes, paying the fees, putting the the accredited hours, passing a playing test, etc…

  8. Walter

    to be part of the TEAM you give advice that will make people swing worse, so that they will com back to buy stuff to correct the swing faults the instuctor put htere in the first place. What you do Monte is actually help play better golf, so they don”t have to go out and but stuff like that piece of sheet metal inside down the line putter guide, or some shoulder guide to keep the club in the same place. You are a good teacher, you help people so they don’t have to come very unprofitable for TV

  9. Paul

    Well done, bud, my favorite lesson from you. I heard somewhere that TGC might be adding original programming on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with multiple instruction programming. This should increase your odds.

    I can tell you that most of the entries are absolutely awful–too much information and complicated for the average chop. You’ve kept it simple and impactful. Good luck.


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