The left hip and the hands cancel

While standing behind a golfer…the left hip goes left and the hands go right. These actions cancel and it looks connected and fluid.

That is what creates the inside out swing path. If the left hip doesn’t clear left, the hands have to pull the club left to hit it. Also known as a snatch and/or OTT.

Any effort to purposely swing inside out when the left hip isn’t clearing left, is a DISASTER. Disconnected, shanks, blocks, snap hooks, etc.

The point of today’s post is not as technical and complicated as it sounds. I am illustrating that the golf swing is not something where you can “zero out” certain aspects.

It is an action/reaction movement.

Today’s post is on the same wavelength as holding the lag. You can’t hold the lag with the hands or the hips won’t turn properly or in sync. The club needs to release, the hips turn to prevent it from happening too quickly.

Two opposing forces work together to produce the desired motion.

If you try and swing inside/out on purpose, BAD!!!!

If your left hip moves away from the ball, clears and allows your hands to go “out” to the ball…GOOOOOD!!!!!!

That is why you must create feels that produce synchronized movements, versus isolating one body part and creating a specific movement or position.




  1. Christian

    Good post. I’ve discovered this through trial (swing out) and error (shank) :-). One thing I have been thinking about lately is trying to have low hands in transition / impact. It feels more like a baseball swing where the right elbow moves with the the right hip until after impact. The right elbow looks better on video, but my gut reaction is to try to avoid any concious movement with my hands. Do you think the OTT versus “dropping into the slot” movements fall into the same action/reaction type of movement where fixing other stuff will eventually allow it to happen? Or is it something I may need to force for a bit until it becomes natural like the release?

  2. s.

    “If the left hip doesn’t clear left,..”

    The main reason the left hip clears left is that the golfer is pushing on the right hip with the right leg. That’s what I see when I look at any top golfer. To me, it looks like … um…”golf from the ground up.” (Yes, a golf swing has pulling with the left side too, mostly above the hip).

    One way to verify this would be to walk along behind the golfers on the driving range at a pro event. You could look where their right foot was, and see if it just got pulled away, or if there was any pushing involved.

    The hips are connected to the legs with ball-joints….kinda like ball-bearings. If you push with one leg, it moves the other side of the system. Good thing, because it’s part of your balance. Consciously trying to “turn hips” is a very weak move…but who knows?…it might work as a “feel” thought.

    Faldo says that the GROUND gives you something to PULL away from. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t think he’s got the timing quite right in his explanation.

  3. rojoass

    I try to think of it as “spine driven”…….but this sort of chatter borderlines on SwingCrack.

    • s.

      Dude…there’s no accounting for “feel.” If it works, it’s golden. I see no physical phenomenon to back this up….but….

      • Calvin D

        The spine does not recover like a spring. You move it with
        muskuls. 🙂

  4. bobs34

    Speaking of swingcrack; I’ve maybe finally got off it. I haven’t made any real major swing changes in a long time. I’ve refined feels a little bit but I think that’s just what happens when you practise. I’ve also stopped worrying about positions, it’s all about ball flight, if I need to hit a low cut, what do I need to feel to do it? My overall swing is the same throughout the bag. That’s the only tip I’ve held onto from the beginning to now is from Jack Nicklaus’ “Golf my Way”. So really, my full swing has come from getting a better feel for chipping and pitching because I’ve been practising that waaay more than anything else. Anyway, I’m playing pretty damn good golf again. I’m not doing anything great but I’m not doing anything bad either.

    Oh yeah, my team mate in the leauge I play in is getting his new Krank driver tomorrow so I’ll get to test that out. Life is good!

    Just wanted to say thanks to Monte and Rojoass for their common sensical approach to learning to play better golf. They’ve influenced ma a lot.


  5. S.

    Muskuls, spines, and swing-crack…

    Not that anybody needs to know it, but there are some very powerful muskuls attached both to your spine and the middle of your upper arms.

    The Muskul I’m thinking of originates from the last six thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and last four ribs. They also attach to the external lip of the iliac crest of the pelvis.

    And there at least 650 other skeletal Muskuls to program. Maybe you’re better off with just “spine.” (Joke. The giant rubber-band is found elsewhere.)

  6. Doug B

    Monte – this really dovetails nicely with the recent entry about nearly every amateur having a backswing that is too long. If the arms are still rising on the backswing when the shoulders are done turning, then the transition gets out of synch and the hands will be late to the impact zone. Hands and hips can’t be coordinated if the transition is screwed up.

  7. Wally

    Monte change your website to “Quantum Physics Of The Golf swing”

    The feedback you are getting borders on insanity.

    Whats next dot placement to control ball flight?


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