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First a shout out to Peter Kostis. I really enjoyed his analysis of Jim Furyk’s swing. His comments made perfect sense and were helpful to the viewers watching. I shall alert Air Traffic Control they should be on the lookout for airborne bacon.

Harbor Town has always looked like a fabulous golf course to me. It also proves the old axiom, “horses for courses.”

I have played or seen up close a lot of the courses they play tour events on. Sometimes I would say, “Wow, I would expect they would shoot a lot lower on that course. I hope I get into that event someday, because I think I would have a chance to finish high.”

When I watch the Heritage, all I can think is, “Good grief that course looks hard, how do they shoot so fricken low…don’t see how I would make the cut in that event.”

It’s strange, I had the same thoughts when I played the Nationwide Tour and other tours, as well. Some tournaments I would shoot 68 the first day and think, “Man that course was easy, I am going to have to shoot another 68 just to make the cut.”

Then I would find myself in the top 10 at the end of the day. Then the next week I would fire 73 and and think to myself, “That was a solid round, another one of those and I am in for the weekend…”

Only to find 63 was leading and the cut was going to be 5-under.

As usual, I digress.

I was a little surprised to see Luke Donald at the top of the leader board as Harbor Town requires accuracy off the tee and Donald is not known for that. On the other hand, you have to be REALLY accurate with the irons and he is known for that. I will only give him a pass on those pants because I assume it was for breast cancer awareness.

It was not a surprise for me to see Furyk up there as he is very straight and Ricky Barnes always seems to play tough courses well.

Ricky Barnes has an awful golf swing. Absolutely awful…

By the standards of posters on internet message boards, golf media gurus and scratch ducks at every range in America…none of which can beat him.

Personally I think he would be better without the Thomas the Train hats…but that’s just me. Maybe now that George Carlin has passed, they can get Ricky to replace him as narrator…he already has the look.

I am not saying that a good golf swing is not necessary to play good golf. I continue to say there is a happy medium between feel and mechanics and we are in an era where the pendulum has swung way too far in the direction of mechanics.

Yet…every week the PGA Tour proves that “perfect’ mechanics are not the standard by those playing good golf. Adam Scott notwithstanding.

It’s all about not doing things that get in your way…and I digress, yet again, for umteenth time.

Kevin Na went out early and fired a good round. With him in one of the early groups I hope the leaders can finish before dark. Ben Crane is among the leaders. Looks like a Monday finish. If they instituted the actual pace of play rules and penalized everyone 2 shots every time they exceeded 40 seconds, Na and Crane couldn’t beat Charles Barkley.

Brandt Snedeker…Holy Moly! Nice front 9. If you can make 6 birdies on the front 9 at Harbor Town from the pink tees with the pins in the middle of the green that is awesome. Never mind from all the way back with Sunday pins. Sheesh, I don’t think I was ever nearly that good…and I once had 8 birdies in 10 holes at Southern Hills. I am making it a policy to root for anyone who plays fast.

Lumpy was a factor. I had the pleasure of playing with him a few times and he is truly one of the great guys in pro golf. He brings hope to the round shaped and turnless.

Jim Furyk’s putting routine reminds me of mating sloths. Maddening to watch, it takes forever to develop, but eventually it’s extremely effective. Although I believe he lost a few fingers when the putter kept blowing up in his hands on 15. At least he made the 5-footer to save 4-whip. Yes I counted the one from the fringe.

Jim also shows that the golf course always wins. Even one of the most mentally tough competitors on the Tour can get his fanny kicked while in contention to win. That’s why we need to not beat ourselves up on the bad days.

Luke Donald looked like the weight of becoming #1 was affecting him, but he gutted it out to get into a playoff.

The first playoff hole was as good as it gets. Six absolutely perfect shots under immense pressure.

If Donald would have gotten up and down on the third playoff hole out of that lie, we would have to call him “King of the Camel Grass.”

Congratulations to Brandt Snedeker. I am a fan.

Speaking of bad golf swings…I didn’t see a single good golf swing while watching the Legends of Golf. Obviously those guys can’t play a lick and probably never could.

Consistent redundancy.




  1. woody

    Ha, ha, very funny. “First a shout out to Peter Kostis.”

    If you liked that, then you’ll love this: Spine angle, spine angle, spine angle, spine angle, spine angle.

  2. wpnizza

    Snedeker has the “Classic” golf swing hands high at the top kind of like you had in ’92 and ’93 high hands are easier to develope power. With high hands gravity ison your side

    • S.

      Is gravity really more on your side with high hands? Don’t Quiros and Holmes do pretty well without hands being particularly high?

      Isn’t getting your hands high likely to involve more effort that could get you off balance?

      And, if your clubshaft is parallel at the top, doesn’t that mean that some effort is required to pull the shaft and your arms into a position where gravity can act on them—causing you to waste some of the muscle tension that you stored in your backswing… and possibly creating a timing problem?

      Snedeker: when in doubt, let Kostis sort it out.

  3. carrera

    Re: the Legends of Golf tourney…I could watch Larry Mize’s swing (and putting stroke) all day. Man he makes it look easy.

  4. Bob Saunders

    Great post Monte. Another reminder to play golf on the oourse not golf swing! Thanks!

  5. MIKE

    Hi Monte, do you know what is the most useles thing on earth?

    Recording Ben Crane at 300 fps, he has an awful lot of build in slo-mo, no need to slow that down:)

  6. meateater

    Every sport makes mistakes. Pro tennis should have outlawed squealing on every shot when Monica Seles started it years ago. Now some womens’ matches require earplugs.

    Golf has let glacial play ruin it as a spectator sport. No one watches these tournaments outside the majors. Why would they? Is there anything more boring than watching a parade of robots take all day to line up a putt, then carefully mark and clean before a six inch tap in? The Tour should institute a rule that once you take your stance at a putt, you either hit it or take a 2 shot penalty. Call it the Furyk rule. Until then, I will root for him to miss every single putt he agonizes over. The other rule would be you get to clean your friggin’ ball once per green.


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