“The hands drop in the slot”

Someone made a comment the other day and said I needed to stop ranting about cliches and give other people credit for teaching properly. A jerk I may be, but poor teaching and trading cliches on the range is all I hear. All I can do is write from my experiences…and while getting money for my time and effort is great, my #1 priority is to help people get better at golf. Not win a popularity contest among the people that are not making people better.

I saw a guy obviously working on this and I asked him what he was doing.

A rhetorical question that I really wanted an answer to. He said, “My friend was taking a lesson and his instructor said to shallow the club out properly, you want to purposely drop your hands behind you from the top of the swing. It’s called dropping your hands in the slot.”

I asked if those were the exact words used or an interpretation. He said exact words as he was standing there.

I don’t have to tell you the results were poor and a few shanks resulted, but mostly fat shots. After watching me hit a few balls, he saw I was doing what he wanted to accomplish and asked how I did it.

My evil plan worked. I then explained to him that you don’t drop your hands in the slot, you make a proper sequenced swing and they drop in the slot automatically.

“What’s the difference?” he said.

I said, “The difference between good instruction and bad instruction”…LOL

I showed him how to tilt and how the left hip forward preset it where it would need to go to have a proper weight shift. I then had him take a backswing and stop at the top. I put my hands out and set a table for him to rest the butt of the club on. I then told him to shift his weight to the left by moving the left hip to where it was at address and said, “See how gravity drops the hands, if you drop them purposely, it disconnects everything and makes the shoulders and hips turn poorly,” and I showed him the physical movement he was doing (i.e. dropping the hands in the slot on purpose).

It then dawned on him exactly what the difference was between purposely dropping the hands in the slot and “allowing” the hands to drop in the slot…or creating a situation where the hands will drop in the slot.

He hit a few balls, with mixed results of course, but he hit two balls in a row that were solid and had nice controlled draws. He turned to me amazed and said he had never hit a solid draw like that before.

This is why I am so anti-cliche and don’t dole out much credit to others. I have seen this way too many times to count, I was ruined by it myself, so I will not be a “nice guy” and dole out credit where none is deserved.

You know my mantra, “I am through worrying about offending people who don’t like me anyway.”

There are plenty of competent teachers out there, but the vast majority are cliche mongers and that is what I am trying to change.




  1. wally

    Sounds more like the “Manhattan Project”

  2. Calvin

    I like to think that people are more intelligent than that. I tried “dropping my hands in the slot purposely and flattening out from the top” for about 20 minutes twenty years ago. It disrupted my rhythm and destroyed any power I might have developed. Discard city. Next.

  3. Greg

    This is why all of us weekend hacks are so inconsistent. First of all we don’t play enough but sometimes we read Golf Digest or listen to one of “Experts?” on TV and take something they said to the range. The new magic move we try might change two other pieces of our swing. Result is more inconsistency.

  4. ghpennington

    Monte…I wish you’d do a video on this. I’d like to see how you sequence the move to get in the slot.



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