The Greenbrier

Yet another example of an old traditional style course having plenty of defense against great players and modern equipment. I know it’s a TPC course, but it is still has a more traditional feel to it, which proves it can be done.

Just to belabor the point to an annoying level again…you do not need to trick up a course design to make it harder. Actually, all of that tricked up stuff forces you to set the course up easier to make it playable, then good players shoot 25 under par.

There wasn’t enough personality on the first page of the leader board to scare a piece of dry white toast. I heard Bob Estes showed some emotion once early in his career and he lost continence as a result. He can still play though…and that is the point. Maybe I should learn something from that. Naaaah!!!! I’d rather be me and be a chop…LOL.

I liked Peter Kostis’ simple analysis of Bill Haas’ swing. He needs to do more of that and has seemed to more of late…maybe he is a reader. 😀

Bill Haas almost won the tournament without making a putt over 20 feet. That is some serious ball striking.

How about that round by Stallings? 4-over on the front, 5-under on the back with a bogey on a par 5 (maybe the long wait gave him a problem on the tee). Then another birdie on the first playoff hole. Sounds like something I have done…only my roller coaster was worse. Ask me about Texarkana?

Stallings gives me hope you can be a little soft in the middle and still play good golf.

Anthony Kim either needs to stop chasing so much tail, or figure out why his mental game is off…maybe he can tell me what the problem is and I can learn from it.




  1. wally

    another chubby guy won, enough of this golf fitness crap

  2. Calvin

    Nine irons into 18. Woodland hits PW.

    I would like to see one tournament a year where they had to hit 50’s era balata balls.

    It seems like all those guys need is a driver and a PW. Something is not right.

  3. Michael
  4. meateater

    Woodland would have won the tournament but he seemed to think it was more important to show off. Hit a knock down 5 or 6 on the par 5 and a knockdown 9 on 18 and he wins. Did I miss the memo where they give extra prize money for using too little club? Moron.

    • Michael

      Completely disagree with your comments. Woodland addressed both of these in post-round interviews. 17 he was downwind. He hit the shot like he had planned, but the wind did more knocking down than it did hold it in the air. 18, he was in between clubs and had adrenaline pumping. Better to hit PW hard than risk taking something off of a club while that pumped up and risk still flying it over the green. Even then, he hit that PW about a foot from being perfect. That ball lands a foot further, it takes one big hop forward and stops inside 8 feet.

  5. rojoass

    “He hit the shot he planned” Guess what………bad plan.

    “He hit the PW about a foot from being perfect” Might as well have been a mile.

    2 really big “if’s”. I’m sure the everybody playing had “if’s”

    I have a parrot………….& “if” I stick my harmonica up his ass………guess what…………there’s music in the air……..

    • bret

      Are those ifs any bigger than he would have won the tourney by hitting two knockdowns?

    • meateater

      rojoass, My points exactly. The fact that he defended the shots afterwards only showed that he learned nothing from the experience.


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