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For those of you who have frequented my blog the last few years, it is apparent I am anti-training device. I basically think they are all terrible.

Things like The Medicus and Impact Bag not only don’t address the root causes of the swing problems they are designed to fix, they often create new problems that are often worse.

Kind of like the fat substitute Olestra causing anal leakage.

My foul (but accurate) bathroom references aside, most training aids are worse than useless. In an effort to be more balanced and not just rail against the machine, I am going to start pointing out positives in training aids, other golf instructors, etc…some good things to look at so I don’t just sound like I am the only one who knows anything…as that is far from the case.

The Golf Swing Shirt is a product I was exposed to recently and I believe it has merit. It fits over your regular shirt and has a tube in front that your arms slide into.

It is far better than any of the other arm connection aids that force over connection and restrict the arms way too much,

It is made of similar material to the Underarmour golf shirts I like so much. There is enough give in the material so the arms aren’t glued to the body.

It doesn’t pin the lead arm against the chest and doesn’t force the trial arm to stay connected all the way down to the elbow.

Obviously it’s main purpose is to prevent things like arm over run, loss of connection, flying trial elbow, across the line, etc.

However, I found it even more useful in getting the arms to link up in the downswing. It doesn’t allow the body to move laterally, or rotationally and leave the arms behind…which is a plague among low to mid handicap golfers.

It forces the trail arm Nd elbow to rotate in to shallow the shaft in transition. It also assists in showing how the lead arm is supposed to rotate and fold at and after impact, preventing the fowl movement known as the chicken wing.

How’s that for a double entendre/homophone?

Poultry in motion be gone.

There is no substitute for hard work, but the GSS goes a long way toward helping ingrain the proper feels and definitely falls under my mantra.

Eliminate excess movements, while not restricting free movements. Most training devices fail at the latter and the GSS does not.

LINK to website

PS-I was not given anything to write this review, other than a free shirt to try out.




  1. Chris G

    What would the benefits of the shirt be over using a ball between the arms similar to the one Martin Chuck sells?

    • Jake G

      +1 here. Also curious about this comparison?

    • ted
  2. Calvin

    When John Waldron endorses it I might buy one. 🙂

    • Calvin

      oops. Jim Waldron. 🙂

  3. me

    secondary tilt is the key to a great swing…..thumb down on the orange shirt:(

    • Ray Rapcavage

      Dear “me”..(btw why not use your real name !) have your ever tried The Golf Swing Shirt ? Or do you feel smart by throwing out “secondary tilt” to sound knowledgeable ? about posting a video and your GHIN number ?


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