The golf swing is like a Tug-o-War from The Superteams

Who among you remembers The Superteams?

In the 70’s the World Series and Super Bowl champions used to have a competition of other sports. The last event was the Tug-o-War. The baseball players always had one more body as it there was a weight limit. This would go on for agonizing minutes as they pulled and dug in and dug in and pulled and dug in and pulled some more.

The knot in the middle almost didn’t budge.

The golf swing works a lot like that. Multiple complex movements, pulling in different directions and there is a false perception of one direction.

Two examples.

1. The arms and hands look like they work inside and across the body from a 2D down the line camera view, but in 3D, in relation to the body, it is a lot less than it appears in 2D. That’s why people tend to get too inside. They are trying to put their arms in the place where they see in good players, don’t take body rotation into account and over do it.

2. On the downswing, as independent movements, the right arm is supposed to make the shaft work more horizontally and open the face and the left arm is supposed to make the shaft more vertical and close the face. You get a diagonal shaft and a club square to the arc.

The difference between this and my analogy, is when these things are done correctly in a golf swing, the movements are more efficient with less physical effort. This is why you can’t zero out a position in the swing and try to copy that position. You have to figure out, or be told, what part you are missing to get there. If the football team pulls too hard, the knot moves, if the baseball team doesn’t pull hard enough, the knot moves.

You don’t want the knot to move in your swing.




  1. Jake G

    Great analogy with the tug of war. Nice post

  2. Tony Bumstead

    Saw a slo-mo video of Jorden Speith and his elbows were quite far apart at impact. Comment?


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