The BIGGEST waste of a hole in one ever.

I was playing the Stadium at PGA West with three friends and to say I was bad, is a major understatement. Had I counted every stroke and penalty, I definitely wouldn’t have been breaking 90, maybe not even 100. I had the blocks and more than one of my tee shots ended up in a condo swimming pool and many of my wedges ended up in the Pete Dye bunkers.

16 is a par 5 that has the almost 20 foot deep bunker left of the green that former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill couldn’t even throw it out of. I hit what I thought was my first good shot of the day, but it turned over too much and went into the pit of despair. I could still get it up and down for birdie as I had done before, but after three shots; I was still in the same spot, broke my LW, picked up the ball and walked back to the cart…to the thunderous laughter of my three friends.

We walked up to the 17th tee and I saw the pin was front right, almost in the water. As my friends still were giving me the business, I interrupted them to pontificate about my next shot.

“I am going to hit a 9-iron that starts over the water, draws in, hits the hill behind the pin and sucks back into the hole.”

I got several looks of pity as I teed up my ball. The ball started over the water, drew in, landed on the slope and spun back right into the cup for an ace.

I then proceed to pull hook my hole in one ball in the water off the 18th tee and walked home.




  1. nulede

    can’t top that…but two weeks ago in a two-man, best-ball tournament at my club (oakmont), tied going into the final hole,my partner and I lost when a guy from the other twosome got a hole in one. aw, shucks.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That is terrible. Was it at least a good shot? I like Oakmont, great track.

  2. PAT


    This blog is great… I look forward to reading it every day… thanks!

    Have you ever play Los Verdes? Our company has best ball “teambuilding” exercizes there…

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Thanks Pat. I have played there, but the last time was about 25 years ago.


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