The arms must lift

Like most of the cliches that have ruined us, “Don’t lift the arms,” is devastating.

This effort to not lift the arms causes our two favorite problems. OTT and getting stuck.

Again, I am not advocating that beginner, “no shoulder turn, arm lift” swing, but here is what happens when you don’t allow the arms to lift in sync with the shoulder turn.

Either your arms get immediately behind your body and the club and arms are way too far to the inside and the only place to go is way over the top…or they go behind you, lift late, drop back behind you and you’re stuck.

Turn your back to target is a fine feel, but if you have no arm lift you will rotate your shoulders too flat and your arms will be behind you.

Use the shoulder turn to throw the ball (the club) over your right shoulder and you will have the right amount of arm lift…for you.




  1. rojoass

    This has to be one of my favorite post Monte.
    “Turn & Turn” killed a lot of folks. Somehow people thought you never had to think of the arms if you just turn your shoulders perpendicular to the spine.
    Gag……..doesn’t put the arms where they are suppose to go. Turn & Turn just whips them flat & behind you with the results you noted.
    I personally know people that fought this for years.
    Kinda like “one piece takeaway”. Falls into the same category. A stiff rigid non athletic process with no flow.

  2. Mike Z

    I find that this is a key tip. Thanks.

    When you first launched this site, your shoulder turn posts helped me make a big improvement from being close to giving up golf to shooting some pretty good scores. However, my interpretation of it resulted in a very flat swing as you discuss and I still hit a lot of bad shots.

    This post, and the last arm lift post you did recently, have really helped tremendously. When I am able to do it right, I hit great shots but I still struggling to ingrain it into my swing.


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