Thank you to everyone…

…who supported my kickstarter project. We didn’t quite get there.

FYI-Your accounts were never charged, so there is no need to worry about a refund.

I was already exploring other avenues realizing it might not happen and am still planning to make this product available to the public, because it will help a lot of people.




  1. Joe

    thank you Monte!!!

  2. Damon

    I’m sorry this did not happen this time around. I didn’t realize how the funding worked – I thought it went forward regardless (or hit a certain threshold), or something to that effect. Like I said in the other post, I was hoping to get our fundraising committee to go with the $500 option – and I couldn’t do anything until I had a decision. Hopefully this is an option again with your new funding approach. .

  3. atyler16

    Bummer…..I was looking forward to a 1/2 day here in the Valley. I look forward to seeing it happen for you.

  4. Johnny D

    I hope you try again. However, this time, have the girl in the video come out with you on the half day lessons. 😉

  5. Alex

    Best of luck in getting this to market, I believe it will help a lot of golfers. Viewing the video of your student and then you using it brought new and clearer meaning a lot of the tips and lessons I’ve heard and had. These are great visuals for what proper sequence is and is not. I love the feedback this training gives. Hopefully working against the wall (even without all the feedback the trainer would give me) will pay off when the weather gets back to golf friendly.


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